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Chaos Synchro blackwings

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Chaos Syncro blackwings 

(note this is based on the upcoming banlist)


As i am a beginner deck builder, i dont know if my build is alright and whatnot. Also, i am a beginner to fourms so, please forgive me for some things that may be missing or, too long T _ T


I welcome all kinds of suggestions


Moving on, the aim of this deck is to devastate with various special summons, synchros and the unexpected chaos element. whilist maintaining some defensive measures to keep the monsters alive.


Main: 40


Monsters -21


1x BLS (Black luster soilder- envy of the beginning)

1x Chaos Sorcerer

1x Gorz emissary of darkness

1x blackwing- Elpin the raven

2x  blackwing- shura the blue flame

2x  blackwing- bora the spear

2x blackwing- kalut the moon shadow 

2x blackwing- blizzard of the far north

1x blackwing- gale the whirlwind

1x blackwing- Vayu the emblem of honor


2x Photon thrasher

1x photon crusher

2x summoner monk

2x vylon prism


Magic - 9

1x Heavy storm

1x Dark hole

1x pot of avarice

1x monster reborn

2x forbidden lance

2x black whirlwind


Traps- 10

1x mirror force

2x icarus attack

1x torrential tribute

2x compulsory evacuation device

2x dark bribe

1x solemn warning

1x solemn judgement


Extra- 15


1x Zenmaines 

1x gagaga cowboy

1x ice breast zerofyne

1x maestroke

1x shock master


1x T.g hyper libarian

1x Armades keeper of illusions

2x blackwing- armed wing

1x armor master

1x scrap dragon

1x stardust

1x blackwing- silverwind the ascendant

1x red dragon archfiend

1x starform dragon 


Side - 4

1x Black-winged dragon

1x Angel of Zera

1x crimson blader

2x xyz encore

1x imperial iron wall



 - double shura, bora and blizzard to balance the speed of the deck, summoning power and, offensive power. - Elpin is there because he can help boost the attacking power of the blackwings or field a bit due to his ability to be summoned without tribute and, the card position change effect which helps to destroy cards by battle (like ophion) .

- double kalut for offensive power and a slightly higher chance to draw or, further improve attacking power using both cards * o *

- Gale is there since he is a staple for blackwings.

- Vayu at 1 because you wouldnt be using his effect so often plus, he can slow down the deck.


Other + light cards

- Bls and chaos sorcerer for the chaos

- Gorz for defense when youre in a pinch/ otks

- summoner monk is there to help bring out the synchro/ xyz quickly via vylon prism.

- Vylon prism is there to help summoner monk be able to do a quick lvl 8 synchro whilst powering them up

- Also, summoner monk and vylon prism help with chaos as, they are light and dark cards.

- double photon thrasher to increase summoning power for xyz / synchro

- photon crusher is there to be a 2k shield(?) also helps with xyz with thrasher 



- MST, Dark hole, monster reborn, heavy. simple staple.

- pot of avarice to increase deck power and hand power as, you might be using your hand quickly and, sending monsters to grave quickly

- lance for monster protection against spells

- double whirlwind. to search out blackwings 



- mirror and torrential for mass destruction and protection. depending on your situation

- double icarus attack for blackwing "protection"

- 2x dark bribe, solemn warning, solemn judgement, compulsory evacuation device to negate spells and ruin your opponents strategy.



- Scrap dragon to destroy and keep some kind of power

- Stardust to protect cards from destruction

- Red dragon archfiend for the final 3k or 4k finish

- starform dragon attack without worrying about stuff

- silverwind the ascendent to have  2.8k beater if they get rid of armour master

- armed wing + armour master staples of blackwings and easy to get out 

-t.g hyper libarian to increase draw power via syncro/ 2.4k beater

-armades a 2.3k beater which you dont have to worry about the mirror force and stuff

- Shock master to lock them down (if you ever need to)

- gagaga cowboy the finsher for the people on 800 lp or less

- ice breast zerofyne a situational card to negate card effects.

- maestroke defense

- zenmaines defense if you cant get maestroke



- Angel of zera - for D.D decks

- Black winged dragon to stall a bit against decks which causes eff damage

- Xyz encore ( no idea) :D

- imperial iron wall even though, this stops the chaos part of this deck, it helps against anti meta/ d.d decks if you cant get angel out in time


yay done. o - o"

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