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Yugioh March 1st 2014 Banlist Predictions.

TCG Yugioh March 1st 2013 Banlist Predictions

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I'm not sure if talking about Banlist predictions are actually allowed in this thread.


Anyways I would like to get some thoughts from others of what they think the next YGO TCG banlist will be.


Like which cards will most likely to be banned, Semi-limited, Limited, and Unlimited.


I have only came up with a few thoughts on this but it not enough.


My thoughts for the next banlist since E-drags Dragunity is mostly everywhere I assume Dragunity will most likely be a target for March 1st 2014 Banlist because of their field Spell Dragon Ravine.


Let start the discussions =)




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big dragon rulers banned.

chibi dragon rulers to 3.

return from the different dimension banned.

rekindling banned.

Shi en to 2.


I had a better list on a different thread.  :ph34r:

Take my short ruling quiz: https://testmoz.com/237423

Actually Sarisa is Dueling Network's top duelist when it comes to Bujin decks, so I trust her judgment.




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you do realize theres gonna be a banlist happening BEFORE march first right?

dec 31th is the next banlist


props @chaos.knight199 for avi/zig 






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Y not talk about Decembers ban list since it's closer

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There's so many things wrong here:



1 - There are now 4 banlists a year, and the very next one is not in March.


2 - It's way too early for this.


3 - We do not allow prediction threads here.


4 - You posted in the wrong section anyways.




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Holy shit skullvarnish, give me classes on how to burn the fuck out of people like that PLEASE




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