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Clown Blade Beast Roids

13 November 2016 - 10:41 AM



Not really sure what to call this deck.



Monsters - 22


Gem-Knight Garnet - 2

Exodius The Ultimate Forbidden Lord

Constellar Kaus - 3

Raidraptor - Tribute Lanius - 1

Performage Trick Clown - 1

Jigobyte - 1

Heroic Challenger - Thousand Blades - 2

Raidraptor - Mimicry Lanius - 1

Raidraptor - Singing Lanius - 3

Zodiac Beast Molmorat - 3

Speedroid Terrortop - 3

Speedroid Taktomborg - 1


Spells - 6


Raigeki - 1

Upstart Goblin - 1

Magical Mallet - 2

Twin Twister - 1

Brilliant Fusion - 1


Traps - 12


Time Space Trap Hole - 1

Bottomless Trap Hole - 1

Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare - 1

Floodgate Trap Hole - 3

Chaos Trap Hole - 1

Solemn Notice - 2

Dark Bribe - 2

Solemn Warning - 1


Extra Deck


Fusions - 1


Gem-Knight Seraphknight - 1


XYZ - Rank 5


Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon - 1


XYZ - Rank 4


Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon - 1

King of the Feral Imps - 1

Abyss Dweller - 1

Traptrix Rafflesia - 1

Raidraptor - Force Strix - 1

Zodiac Beast Tigress - 2

Zodiac Beast Drancia - 1

Zodiac Beast Wildbow - 1

Zodiac Beast Bullhorn - 2


XYZ - Rank 3


M-X-Sabre Invoker - 1


XYZ - Rank 1


Number F0 - Utopic Future



Main Combo :


SS Terrortop -> Add and SS Taktomborg -> MX Invoker -> SS Molmo -> SS Wildbow -> SS Molmo -> SS Bullhorn -> Add Kaus -> Normal Summon Kaus -> SS Force Strix -> SS Tigress -> Tigress effect to attack Molmo -> SS Molmo -> SS Rafflesia -> SS Drancia  Final Board : (Invoker Rafflesia Force Strix Drancia)


Next turn if you managed to keep the board you can then do this combo :


Add Tribute Lanius - Summon Tribute Lanius -> Send Mimicry to GY -> Add Singing Lanius -> SS Bullhorn -> Add Kaus -> SS Lioness -> Attach a card to Rafflesia -> SS F0 using Force Strix and Lioness -> SS Singing Lanius -> Overlay into a rank 4 of choice -> SS Thousand Blades


- Terrortop and Molmo are important to the deck therefore at 3

- Kaus can be any Level 4 Beast-Warrior but I chose him because he works with Seraphnite and can be used as an alternative to TrickClown incase I drew into my only copy

- Singing Lanius at 3 because you can generally always use it to extend combos and in my experience works wonders with Molmo if you don't open with a Terrortop Combo as it allows you to go into 2 xyz (preferably Rafflesia and Drancia Combo) 

- Mallet used to return Combo pieces that like to be in the deck and try and get to Molmo and Terrortop and quickly as possible. Also can be used to discard for Twister/Fusion if you have got to everything you need already

- Dweller and Dark Rebellion are filler cards and could be any card in the extra deck of your choice, I chose Dweller to stun opponents more and rebellion to get over big cards that I have trouble with. (could use utopia and Lightning if you wanted for instance)




- Very Consistent at spamming the board turn 1 or 2 unless you opened all traps

- Stuns most decks

- Always have something to play

- Searches for pretty much everything




- Raigeki blows out the deck unless you have Dark Bribe

- Cards like Solemn/Veiler can stop turns completely if they go off

- Runs out of resources really quickly 



Metalfoe Inzketor

06 September 2016 - 11:37 AM



Hey, so I really enjoy playing this deck as it's nice and fast paced however there are a few problems i've shown below the deck list (along with some pro's) which can really give the deck a hard time, however I think with some help we can iron out some of the cons.



Deck List - 40


Monsters - 21


Metalfoes Volflame - 2

Metalfoes Goldriver - 2

Metalfoes Silverd - 3

Metalfoes Steelen - 2

Inzektor Gigamantis - 3

Inzektor Gigacricket - 1

Inzektor Centipede - 3

Inzektor Dragonfly - 1

Inzektor Hornet - 1

Inzektor Ladybug - 3


Spells - 9 


Allure of Darkness - 3

Metalfoes Fusion - 3

Twin Twister - 1

Inzektor Sword - Zektaliber - 2


Traps - 10


Metalfoes Counter - 2

Jar of Avarice - 2

Escape from the Dark Dimension - 2

Metalfoes Combination - 1

Call of the Haunted - 3


Extra Deck - 15


Fusions - 3


Metalfoes Orichalc - 1

Metalfoes Adamante - 2


XYZ's - 12


Rank 5's - 5


Wind-Up Arsenal - Zenmaioh - 1

Utopia the Lightning - 1

Volcasaurus - 1

Artifact Durendal - 1

Shark Fortress - 1


Rank 4's - 1


Utopia - 1


Rank 3's - 6


Acid Golem - 1

Giga Brilliant - 1

Ghostrick Alucard - 1

Leviar the Sea Dragon - 1

Dante, Traveller of the Burning Abyss - 2


The Pro's


-The synergy with Inzektors and Metalfoes are nice as you can consistently get off Dfly's or Cpedes effect off 2+ times per turn. 

-You rarely brick with the deck which is really good for a deck to have in my opinion.

-With triple allure back you can rush towards a Cpede/Dfly which are extremely important cards for the deck as they help the combos start going off.

-You can abuse gigamantis really easily with this deck and can consistently get cards of 4 really strong xyz.

-Acid Golem is really good in the deck as you can just destroy it with a metalfoes/hornet once you're done with it and you won't go minus.

-Banishing or having an Inzektor banished is not a problem as you can use Escape from the Dark Dimension to bring it back which also then becomes fuel for metalfoes once you are done xyz'ing with the monster you brought back.


The Cons


-The BIGGEST ISSUE in my opinion with the deck and why I am HERE on the forums now is if I cant win or control the board enough within the first 3 turns I run out of resources (even with Jar of Avarice it's too hard to recycle).

-If all of your Metalfoes Fusion spells or Fusion Monsters are banished you've pretty much lost (Dragon Spirit of White).

-First turn solemns/trapholes slow the deck down too much and as you play no defensive traps it can be hard to recover from damage done if the opponent has an established board.

-Kozmo can be a bit of a problem to deal with as Hornet can't do anything to their big cards and even when you get over them they can bounce back the next turn.

-If you somehow can't get an Inzektor Cpede into your hand or graveyard it becomes hard to play at all.


Cards I'm Unsure about


-Inzektor Gigacricket - While it's nice to be able to get multiple uses out of 1 Dfly/Cpede it can be really bad to draw into as unlike Gigamantis it can't use itself from the hand however I'm not sure what to replace it with or if I want to replace it.

-Metalfoes Combination - It is good for just having an option to use as Metalfoes food and then getting to add a Metalfoe from your deck to your hand but by the time you can blow it up it ends up becoming a dead card anyway but when it's weighed with an early game hand it can be useful to grab a card from your deck to complete your scale. I have swapped it with Metalfoes Counter as you do need Metalfoes s/t cards in the deck to be able to use your Metalfoes pendulum effects. 









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