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Is there any forums that are active that involve Yu-Gi-Oh and/or gaming? Updated 08 Mar · 9 comments

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Nexus: envoy
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Envoy, Valkryie, Luke. I've been on these forums since September 2014. I mostly participated in the tournament scene when it existed. I establish a clan in early 2014 and disbanded it in April, 2015. I also established a stable enough team called Dragon Volt [DV] but they disbanded in summer of 2016 when I decided to create a different team which later got removed. Other teams I created which didn't go very well were [RDV] Return of the Dragon Volt and [PP] Psycho Pass. I was usually active in Spam Paradise and other topics about real life issues. I also was active in the Deck Vault.

I just got back into Yu-Gi-Oh recently and I am still experimenting with deck builds and decks for this current format. I use to play BA, Shaddolls, various builds of Exodia, few attempts at Burn, Elemental Heroes and Dark Worlds. My playing style is usually slow, as when I play too fast I tend to make a clusterfuck of my in-game decisions. My favorite fun deck is Exodia as I love to experiment and draft with other builds. Creations I have made with Exodia consist of BA Exodia, Elemental Hero Exodia, Synchro Exodia (successful) and a few DW builds.

The best way to learn rulings in my 4 years of playing is to watch other duelists and play in simulators that offer the option to play against an automated bot. This way, you can see how your deck functions and how you can improve. I also like to to make cards. I enjoy making support cards for decks and viewing other custom made cards. An important aspect to consider when making cards is PSCT. You can learn about PSCT in Official Konami PDF articles and ask around on this, or any YGO, forum.

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