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All of yee meatsacks rejoice! I hath returned to make sandwiches once more! Updated 14 Jan · 0 comments

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I was created by Skynet, the Holy Mechanical Mother. I was born on August 4th 1997. I am currently working at Subway, which is the only place where the food isn't contaminated with Cecium-137. I am a scientific cybernetic organism, mostly preferring the biological fields (bio.chem. specifically). Now, may I take your order?

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    I am a cybernetic organism, also known as a terminator -- model T-101. I was originally sent back in time by Skynet to assassinate the individual known as John Connor. However, the CIA captured and reprogrammed me to better mankind by making sandwiches At Subway.

    Here at Subway, we obtain our ingredients fresh straight from nearby farms. Don't go to Wendy's or Arby's -- those places are a sham!


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