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We learn little from victory, much from defeat.

13 January 2017 - 04:12 PM





Well here we go.. Sad violin plays* yeah you guys won't miss me because I'll be on discord. Lol


I have to tell myself countless of times to hold on and never let go of those moments repeatedly. I am not going to go into my experiences today because I simply don't have the time to post all the memorable times I had here. I loved DN and the people here but I just didn't fit in according to plan. I regret my mistakes, failures but I have overcome them and learned from where I went wrong here. I was selfish, careless, and bitter towards sum people and for that I apologize. I'll tag you guys whenever I can but I want to tag the people I feel I hurt and hopefully this will heal some past wounds a little. A little is better than nothing. If you guys wish to see me I am on Duelists Unite, Discord, and Salv Forums.  ^_^


@Fairy Princess We had are ups and downs but I always thought you had a interesting personality. Take care. Maybe you'll see me again someday. I'm sorry for the past.


@CloudParameters I know I failed you. I couldn't cope with your loss so before DN died I self destructed my own account and made my fate a short one. I'll see you in valhalla someday. Save some wine for me.


@Arc V Shun I'm happy I met you. Your a great duelist. Take care


@ReSTART I know you didn't want to be super mod but in my heart I felt you were one of the few people who could save this place. I think you shouldn't give up so easy. I know I give up but I have my reasons. I know I kinda ruined our relationship as friends or whatever but give me a break the love of my life died. I am just saying. I care about you still. If you ever need me you know were to find me. Adios Amigo. 


@SaveTheDolphins What a road it was with you. You're not all that bad. Maybe forum wise you weren't the best example of a super mod but you worked hard and did alot here. I appreciate what you have done here.


@Cheyasaurus  It was quite unfortunate what happened to you and if you ever need me to make the person who hurt you suffer let me know. Bot nets are a thing. You are quite the mage I must say. Nice Stream I saw it once or twice and loved it. keep wearing that sexy lipstick girl!


 @KingWolfy2 We didn't have the best relationship as comrades all the time but I'm glad things are better between us. At least I think.


@AntiTcb You're still one of the coolest heads I ever met. I really hope you stay safe and if you ever need a friend feel free to pm me.


@Joco Best Bad Kitty. You suck for not being into wars anymore <_< I could had a job for you. Gonna miss ya <3 


@cardgame1 We have good memories. Staff on quite a few forums. Your a great mod and they made the right decision to hire you. Keep being real cg1. I'll be on other forums.


@Ghost-k Guess you fell off the map later.


@Black Luster Soldier I can't thank you enough for giving my life substance and entertainment when I missed DN. You let me come back and get to be with so many wonderful people. Thank you so much for that. Honestly I'd give you a kiss on the cheek for how awesome you were to give me another chance. I fucked up and my excuse is the loss of a friend but no excuses true story I fucked up. And I'm sorry for that.

@NeoReaper4444 You didn't need to get my hopes up. Hopes up is still lying Neo. I know I was never going to get hired again. I only wanted to be staff to rekindle the activity of this forum. This forum is your job. But if you ever want to come check out mine. Your always welcomed. 


@Krokoza *Kicks you really hard one last time to pluto* I told you. Your'e staying there.


@RoseDragon29 *Pushes you in the pool one last time* Don't lie you like being wet. 


@(Infinity) Luna You belong to me. <3



@ToThoseWhoDidn'tLikeMeButDidn'tKnowMe Seriously stop hating because others are. If you didn't like me you probably didn't know me. And if you did know me somewhat and still didnt like me my apologies for whatever it is that I did.


@Everyone else I'll add more tags later. If I am forgetting anyone. Please let me know.


@Everyone I still play yugioh sometimes. I am mainly a competitive overwatch player now and reached 50,000 followers! Lol hype.


@DNF/DN Staff Thank you for everything you did for me. I appreciate your hard work,efforts etc.


If you want to chill sometime on xbox one my GT! is A Savage Rose


I have a lot of followers. So if I don't respond I probably didnt see it and will see it sooner than later.


My path on DNF has been a winding road ever since I first started. This is the end of the line. I might pop in to say hello every now and then if I can. Just because I have given up doesn't mean you should. It's been a epic dueling journey up and down. Thanks for everything Dueling Network! Tournaments,Wars, The Experience,Memories, Skype, Game Chat, Public Chat, Everything was truthfully fun.


I been reckless but I'm not a rebel without a cause. 


Your Friend, Trinity 

Forum Activity Changes & Improvements

04 November 2016 - 12:06 PM

I have noticed the dwindle in the higher up staffs activity and I have to be honest this isn't helping activity whatsoever. We look at this forum and nothing has really changed much. I suggest we start discussing how we can bring this forum back to life and be active. I don't want to read it can't its dead etc. because that's just a poor excuse. That's just my point of view. So how can we make this forum fun once more? We need to get creative.The discord chat could even be updated a bit too just a few more channels like #anime etc. I am tired of looking at this forum and looking at quiet activity. That can change with the right pushes.

Post and I'll give you a theme song.

04 November 2016 - 01:26 AM

Ok so yeah I give credit to @densetsu no sannin for originally coming up with this type of thread. Tell me a little bit about what you like to watch play etc. And I'll give you a theme song. Please follow forum rules and have fun. Now let's get started!

YGOPRO Salvation is back to working on manual mode!

10 October 2016 - 05:33 PM

Hello everyone, 


There has been some discussion among the staff and users when this project would be back to achieving its goal and we are now back to progressing manual mode and much more to do with it. I will be using this thread to give you guys various updates on the process on how this is being done and being developed etc. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Once manual mode is accessible for staff i'll make a video of it showing you guys the capabilities and what manual mode for Salvation is compatible of. I'm looking forward to this.

Bring back the Tournament Organizer rank as a Mod for Discord

06 October 2016 - 01:15 AM

Now with discord this could easily come back and #tournaments could be hosted there. Just a suggestion for discord.

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