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About Me

To start, hello DNF, I'm EclipseJacob1212. A couple of things about me
1. I'm really into Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I won't start competing in real life until I get enough cards.
2. When I'm not doing Yu-Gi-Oh! Dueling, I write about some of my Yu-Gi-Oh! stories that I have been thinking about.
3. I will begin to get into trading my cards, starting with my Ultimate Rare Aqua Neos.
4. I spend most of time dueling on Dueling Nexus online, may freeze a lot, but it's the best I've got.

Many of the stories that I have been writing is based on Yu-Gi-Oh or something else. Here is some of the stories I an or have written.
-Geoix: Geoix is a series, main character is myself but in a different age and time period. After meteor hit the Earth, the Earth and the human race changes forever.
-Yu-Gi-Oh! Flashforward: Yusa Asuki is a normal duelist in New Wisel City with one goal, to make it to the top. As the challenges get harder, Yusa get stronger. The more he duels, the more he learns to win. Join Yusa, his sister Nuri and his friends as he makes his way to the District Champion for New Wisel City.
-Academy Terror: After the events of ARC-V, Yuri and all of the ARC-V characters return with a new enemy and a new power to fight.
-Academy Life: A boy from the Tops section of New Domino City named Eagle Flaze is forced to go to Duel Academy, by his parents, and must do his best to be the best in the school, while making new friends.

As for dueling, I'd love to create one of the new decks, but I don't know which one. So for now, I spend my days on Dueling Nexus, dueling people and create new decks.

Finally, I am a fan of the CAC section on here and I keep a couple of Google Docs with my CACs that I have created, and I'd be hoping to share them one they (if I fix PSCT because some of the cards I made a long time. And a long time ago, I was terrible at PSCT.)

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