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About Me

I like to chat. I'm a duelist and person that goes at his own pace and rhythm. I dislike to rush things and being rushed, although I'm also a bit lazy at some others.

I like to duel although I don't duel daily, or massivelly for rating-exp, only once in a while, and mostly I like to play with my best friends, although from time to time I can turn relatively competitive though.

I like to discuss and argue things and I can be as open minded as stubborn, but I like being balanced and fair. I'm not the kind of person that believes some cards are 100% useless or bad (although I will admit there are some that are plain terrible), and like to think of some as "different" rather than "better", although I will recognize when a certain card is obviously outclassed and will live by that.

My true passion here is to create cards and archetypes. There are just so many ideas you could throw in this game, from new concepts to improving old ones. I do believe I put more effort than most creators around. I also like to proxy test them from time to time specially when they are creations I personally like above others. You can check some under my signature.

As for what I use for duels, I tend to stay away from the meta, since often their design is so busted that it brings no joy to me. I tend to use unusual decks, learn their stunts and find creative ways to make them more powerful (the pinnacle of this was a Rank 5 Cyber Dragon Deck that could fight and beat Shaddolls, Tellarknights and Yang Zing before Infinity and Rampage came). I also like D/D, Zombies and Machines (specialy Meklords). Overall im well rounded with not given preference although I tend to play boss-centric decks.

That's who I am and how I am, I hope we get along.

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