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#2460187 [TCG] TCG Link Mock-Up

Posted by BGMaxie on 15 March 2017 - 08:27 PM

Wait, OCG has not even released it yet, and now we're getting it as well?


RIP combo wombo decks.

These things are planned with months of anticipation lol.

#2456226 Starting the year: D/D/D Business King Executive Form!!

Posted by BGMaxie on 05 February 2017 - 03:10 PM

Greetings people, gonna start with a rather symbolic CaC (for me at least). In this week many good things happened to me, for starters I got my Business Bachelor Degree and for another the DD Structures arrived and I was able to make my Real Life DD Deck!!


So to celebrate both phenomenons I decided to give myself an "upgrade" and make an Executive version of me (yes I made a DDD out of myself :P)

For reference this is the original form:



And this is the Neo New Me:



If you control no "D/D" card in your other Pendulum Zone, this card's Pendulum Scale becomes 5 and you cannot use its effects. During your Main Phase: You can reveal 1 "D/D/D" monster from your Extra Deck, and if you do, use monsters from your hand or side of the field as Material for the Special Summon of that monster. You cannot Special Summon monsters except "D/D" monsters during the turn your use this effect. You can only use this effect of "D/D/D Business King Executive Maximilian" once per turn.


You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by Tributing 1 "D/D/D" monster you control. While you control a "D/D" monster other than "D/D/D Business King Executive Maximilian", your opponent cannot target this card for attacks or with card effects. While you have a "D/D" card in your Pendulum Zone: You can Tribute 1 "D/D"; treat 1 monster your opponent controls as a "D/D/D" monster, and if you do, you can use that monster as  either Tribute or Material for the Summon of a "D/D/D" monster. All damage your opponent takes is halved during the turn you activate this effect. You can only use this effect of "D/D/D Business King Executive Maximilian" once per turn.


Note: Pendulum Eff is basically Swamp King for all mechanics, but restricts you to summon DDs and you need a DD in your other Scale to pull it off. Monster wise I'm Level 10 (so really no way to Pendulum Summon me) have some protection dependant on whatever else I control. I can bring myself fast by tributing another DDD and lastly I can be a tyrant and use my Executive authority to Super Poly your monsters for my own purposes.

Note 2: For very nerdy purposes I name the following as: Dark Power Decree (Takeover eff), Cruel Ruin Conquest (my attack) and Balance of Dimensions (Pendulum eff).

Hope you like my makeover :P

#2455155 History and Mythology Combined - D/D/Discussion

Posted by BGMaxie on 26 January 2017 - 08:35 PM

I don't see the issue with that, honestly. Sure, it'd be one thing if this chat was booming with activity, but it's pretty dead, and a good round of speculation could breathe more life into it.

It doesn't matter. It is still unconfirmed info and derails the topic since it creates no conclusive help or elaborates any concrete strategy. It is just random ideas carried on by the wind.


I agree, I don't think it's a bad thing.


Anyways, the meta just grows restless. If DDD came out in July 2016 it would had been SO powerful, maybe the strongest deck. Now it's a nice deck that competes with ABC but will soon be outclassed by Zodiacs.

Don't inflate it that much, do consider OCG had DDs when they didn't have simple but powerful outs in the form of Kaiju AND Ra Sphere Mode which can easily dismantle a DD full board.

We have those now and Zodiacs as well. So expect DDs to be ran out of hype and then that hype dying down along the way......

#2454762 The Official Yugioh Arc-V Anime Discussion Thread

Posted by BGMaxie on 22 January 2017 - 12:59 PM

Can we just agree that Super Ultra Hyper Strong Duelist Sawatari Shingo The Great was indeed fucking amazing?

#2452923 Forbidden/Limited List: TCG Winter 2016-2017 Prediction

Posted by BGMaxie on 28 December 2016 - 09:21 PM

And I already told you in our previous debate that cards like Vanity's Emptiness are not on the same level as a generic searcher like ROTA or Terraforming or a generic engine like Brilliant Fusion, Emptiness is a win-condition against both meta and non-meta decks provided your opponent doesn't have an out to it as soon as possible. Are Brilliant or ROTA or Terraforming win-conditions? No. They're generic consistency engines, not win-conditions. That's why you can't compare them.


I explained earlier in this thread that a searcher is as good as the way it searches, NOT how big its search pool is. If you activate a card like ROTA or Terraforming and use it to search a warrior or field spell, it is no different than just drawing into that warrior or field spell in the first place, so if you think that going ROTA into a warrior or Terraforming into a field spell is a problem, then you also have to think that drawing into said warrior or field spell is a problem because there is absolutely no difference between the two, I don't know why you can't see that. And you don't have to hit every search target, just the ones that generate great advantage or cause OTK's (Stratos and Shurit for ROTA, Chicken Game and Divine Wind, and maybe Union Hangar) for Terraforming.


...On a side note with Inzektors, the deck has honestly been power crept at this point and Hornet could probably go back to 3 because destruction, let alone targeting, isn't as good as it once was. Dragonfly has the potential to be more broken since it can cause some nasty combos with Transmodify or Insect Imitation on the Centipede you summon into Beetron to make rank 5 spam OTK's with Ladybug, but then again, those are gimmicky and Dragonfly could probably come back at some point too.


The size of the banlist honestly doesn't matter as long as the best results are achieved. Hitting fewer 1-for-1 generic search cards like ROTA and Terraforming instead of more archetyped broken cards is actually going to be more painful in the long run because those archetyped cards are going to be restricting future design far more than the generic search card ever will. I believe there were a lot of dissatisfied players when Konami ended up keeping generic cards that helped their weaker decks like Gold Sarc, Sacred Sword of 7 Stars, Hieratic Seal of Convocation, Dragon Ravine, Debris Dragon, and Dragon Shrine on the banlist just to keep the dragon rulers alive, when the dragon rulers were clearly the problem in every interaction they were associated with and they needed to be banned. In the exact same way, people don't want cards like ROTA staying on the banlist in place of the actual broken warriors in the archetype they're used with, not that there are any anymore with Stratos and Shurit banned though. Satellarknights have been power crept by now and Shadow Mist isn't that bad either.

Read my reply to point 2. Drawing and searching in the context of ROTA and Terraforming are no different than each other. So...


If a weak deck uses ROTA to search a weak warrior monster, it's no different than them drawing it. ROTA's not a problem there.

If a meta deck uses ROTA to search a strong warrior monster, it's the same as drawing into that strong monster. Hit the strong monster, and leave ROTA alone.

1) Change Emptiness with Pot of Desires, Pot of Greed or whatever. The argument won't change, 1 card that can be used equally by weak decks and meta decks will remain stronger in a meta deck. In Vanity's case Meta Decks have far better ways to out it than a weak deck can. With Pot of Desires a Meta Deck can make broken boards with Pot of Desires a weak deck can barely make a play if it even can make one. So whether it is a win con or a consistency boost, it matters nothing, the Meta >> Weak Deck issue remains just as strongly in either case. And btw......Terraforming searches the likes of Kozmotown, Union Hangar, and each Field Spell is being fairly strong as of late, so hitting Terraforming is not being a bad idea really.


2) And likewise what is searched is AS effective as your ability to get said card out. Consistency Boosts make searched cards or plays FAR more accessible than they naturally are, that increase in speed is enough to get a certain play to WIN you the game ON THE SPOT, whereas if it wasn't that accessible said power play isn't as abusive anymore, Deck can still do something, just not every Turn 1.


3) Zektors can still do field-wipes since they lack hard OPT. In fact it was THIS design that made hard OPT a thing because soft ones didn't cut it anymore.


4) Best results are achieved with a smaller banlist and the precise and more efficient hits, not by butchering everything that you think is wrong as per the reasons I stated above, your beliefs over what you think is best, simply put does not matter one tiny bit from a business perspective. And look at the present some of those cards are getting unbanned while others enter the list (again Konami doesn't like to bloat the list because it causes issues). 


5) And you keep repeating this process ad infinitum in every f-ing list and every deck gets butchered and unable to play, and thus leads to unplayability, and leads to bigger and bloated lists, which lists to all the problems I mentioned, which makes the game worse for EVERYONE.


And let me repeat this here in case it wasn't clear enough. All of this is NOT about me hitting Consistency Boosts ONLY. This is about acknowledging that BOTH Power Cards AND Consistency Cards ARE each hitworthy in their own merits (to be studied in a case by case). Why you refuse to accept this is beyond me, and why you refuse to accept that precise and EFFICIENT hits ARE fundamentally better for the game despite of your preconceived idea of what is truly best. 


So because bigger lists ARE a problem (and thus hitting 1 card over 4 IS better) AND because 1 generic card that can be used everywhere IS worse in a meta deck over a weak deck, sum of it all ends up that hitting those consistency cards is not a bad idea after ALL!!!

#2452897 Forbidden/Limited List: TCG Winter 2016-2017 Prediction

Posted by BGMaxie on 28 December 2016 - 06:52 PM

Except you still don't get it. The decks that use cards like Brilliant Fusion can still do their plays without it, and thus by hitting cards like Brilliant (or ROTA or Terraforming) and letting the real problem roam free, the top decks will still remain as good as they were before while weaker decks that don't have their own alternative options will basically become unplayable, that's just going to widen the gap between rogue and meta even more. If you cannot acknowledge that Monarchs, Pals, Dark Synchro, and whatever other decks that use Brilliant Fusion can still make their great plays without it and thus hitting Brilliant Fusion will do absolutely NOTHING to fix the problem, then I don't know what to tell you. By your logic you're basically saying "Ravine may have not been the problem with Dragon Rulers, but it was still a problem in the deck regardless and it needed to be hit", and that makes no sense.


And to fix your last statement, it's not "100 cards", here's the correct statement:


Do you hit 3-4 cards that are problems on their own and that limit future design of other cards based around them to keep a generic support card that helps all decks around its type to get a good consistency engine, or do you hit the consistency engine and prolong these 3-4 problem cards until they become abused again someday, while simultaneously killing all tier 2 and below decks that need that consistency engine to be able to play the game? You do the former, not the latter.

1) Said plays are considerably more toned down without that consistency boost, therefore making them weaker and more unreliable and thus more subject to bricking. Also and I believe I've said this repeatedly: A Generic asset will ALWAYS be stronger in a meta deck than a weak deck, by the simple logic that the outcomes that can be achieved in the former will be better than the latter. And so the "it won't let weak decks compete" argument is a fallacy, since they won't be doing shit anyway. I mean take Vanity's Emptiness for example, you think it evened the grounds? Heck no, it made the gap even wider for the reason explained above.


2) Now now....I think you misunderstand something here. It is not like I'm a full advocate of hitting consistency boosts all the time, this is a case by case thing. I mean if you ask me I'd rather they murdered Hornet than Dragonfly. However what I see from you, is that you won't ever acknowledge that consistency boosts CAN and WILL be a problem on their own league, specially when they are this generic and exploitable.


3) The 100 card thing is hyperbole, but the point stands. Hitting several cards just to keep 1 alive that is asking to be trouble in the near future is inefficient in every aspect you can look at it. Konami HATES having a bloated list because it creates all kind of problems, from making players memorize BIGGER lists, from Judges having to worry about even more shit than needed, from scaring potential players because of a giant list. I.e. hitting several cards to keep one alive won't cut it, no matter where you look at it, since it causes problems AND customer disatisfaction.


And once more, STOP deluding yourself into thinking that a generic asset WILL help weak decks MORE than it will meta decks and lessen the gap. It literally won't happen and will only achieve the reverse effect. So what's the problem with hitting unwarranted and abusive consistency boosts considering all of the above?

#2452565 The Official Yugioh Arc-V Anime Discussion Thread

Posted by BGMaxie on 25 December 2016 - 08:08 PM

And today we get a major revelation. It turns out that Zarc is actually the Grinch, and the Lancers are the defenders of happiness and peace of Xmas, and must defeat him to protect the egao of the kids across the multiple dimension.

Anybody still in doubt that the staff is just the best you could ask for? Heck if you remember my previous Ancient Gear theory, that may tell you how much insight they put into this series.

Once more I must applaud the writer and the director for these plot twists, totally unexpected and marvelous.

#2451734 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by BGMaxie on 18 December 2016 - 05:54 PM

Where were you when an actual true liberal like Bernie Sanders finally showed up? If I remember right you guys shut him down and promoted Hillary despite her being center-right on the issues. What you say and what you do are two different things, Hillary supporters and her are all alike.


The terrorists are not being dealt with by liberal democracies, it's just the opposite. If they cared about taking them out they'd do something about illegal immigration and stop criticizing Russia and Syria for bombing them. Instead they do nothing cause most of Europe and US is in bed with Saudi Arabia and want that oil pipeline under Syria to connect from Europe to Saudi Arabia. Syria doesn't want to let it happen so all of liberal democracies want them dead. They failed and now you guys are pissed off that you couldn't help out the muslim terrorists. What kind of dark evil crap you trying promote here? You guys really don't want the terrorists to lose, it's pretty sickening, maybe cause you guys are one in the same with your liberal hate mentality, it's cancerous. You guys promote peace, love, equality, and environment but end up doing the opposite..on purpose too.


You care too much about the environment that you want to ban chimneys as well. What you don't realize is it's a plot by electric companies that gave to Obama to make people rely on electricity more and so make people less self-sufficient. Somehow though you don't mind the fracking cause Obama veto'd the XL pipeline yet renames it later on and passes the southern leg anyway and no one talks about it.


You're against mining too huh, guess you don't want the US to compete against China. Guess you support communism too huh, you liberals and your fantasy world are helping out evil without realizing it.


You support rape, how can you not for wanting same-sex bathrooms and? If you ever notice how liberal judges do things you'll see rapists get less years in prison than they should be. You don't care about women, stop saying that you do damn it. You calling me a nazi for wanting jobs back, wanting the US to compete again, and actually caring for the country? What kind of anti-American stuff you trying to pull, dude you're not even from this country, you don't share our values and you don't have any of your own of your own country.

Sparky, seriously shut the fuck up you are talking nothing but crap that not only is difficult to read, but even more so to digest, because all you say is wrong, moronic, exaggerated, unproven, inadequate, ridiculous or a mix of all of them. When I see these many absurd remarks not to mention improper name-calling born out of trolling, idiocy and lack of any basic logic to back it up, my decency restraints really thin down significantly....


1) For starters this was an internal party fuck-up, normal citizens like Taralom or me which also happen to NOT live in the US could not do very much at all, even if we did live there, we could do very little since the party itself committed itself to throw Clinton instead of Sanders, so passing the blame not only is wrong but also absurd and hits a whole new level of idiocy from you.


2) Where the heck do you get that from? Terrorists are repudiated EVERY-where, and the problem with your claims is a) Immigrant has NOTHING with terrorism and it is PROVEN (and I posted the links) that even less than 1% of immigrants do EVER commit an act of terrorism and yes that INCLUDES Syrians. Terrorism is usually committed by (and I shot you not) BORN citizens or LEGAL immigrants with years of years of residence which just so happen to resonate with the radical ideology, so your critic of immigration is absolutely OFF the mark (as usual), heck even the acts of terrorism committed in Germany if my memory serves me right, were actually caused by BORN citizens who used the wave of immigration as CAMOUFLAGE. So no, Immigration DOES NOT cause terrorism.

b) The problem with Russia and Co. is not about bombing terrorists, is that they are BOMBING CIVILIANS WITH THEM!! Aleppo is a war zone with thousands if not MILLIONS of people dying over bombardments because their one and only sin is to be in a land taken over by certain forces which is absolutely OUT OF THEIR FUCKING CONTROL. Why the hell do you think there are so many immigrants? Oh that's right TO FUCKING FLEE THE HELLHOLE and NOT to spread, you little ignorant dimwit. Russia is killing innocent people just to kill terrorists and THIS is why Clinton proposed a no-fly zone, but Putin won't have any of it because he gives little to no fucks to any concept remotely associated with Human Rights since he violates them in a daily basis ON HIS OWN COUNTRY, what makes you think he's gonna respect them elsewhere?

c) Do you realize how utterly ridiculous the idea of letting Syrians die over "being pissed" at not being given an Oil Pipeline and let it be taken over by terrorists that want to use it against you sounds? Please just exercise the remaining functional neuron cells you still have operating and you'll notice how utterly dumb your claim about "being in bed with terrorists" is.


3) Chimneys are by law forbidden on my country because they are nauseatingly TOXIC to the environment. Perhaps if you realized that Climate Change IS A PROVEN thing THAT IS KILLING US and not a Chinese Hoax, you'd see why certain measures are needed to CONTROL contamination and let me tell you this much, even if it was a fucking conspiracy of Electric Companies I'D FUCKING WELCOME IT, why? Because at least neither me, nor my lungs will die out of use of electricity, but coal, oil and lumber emissions WILL!!! VIVA ELECTRICITY!! VIVA SOLAR ENERGY YAY!! As far as the Pipeline concerns Obama has fought to the bitter to end make sure that fucking pipeline is AS LEAST TOXIC AS POSSIBLE, but Trump won't have any of it, he will dismiss that shit because this man does not give a rat's ass about contamination despite that it KILLS ALL OF US on a PLANETARY LEVEL, the more polluted, warm and disastrous the Earth, the better for him, after all it seems Money is far better than having a healthy and prosperous life in THIS planet according to you, according to Trump and according to many Republicans who put God money on a pedestal and everything else is shit.


4) So you range from hating corporations to support them with coal and oil, and to support destroying banks and companies to now hating communism. DEFINE your fucking standardline you unstable piece of walking human ignorance, ARE YOU LEFTIST or are you RIGHTIST? ARE YOU CONSERVATIVE OR ARE YOU LIBERAL? DEFINE WHAT THE FUCK you're once and for all because you change your message every 5 goddamned minutes and we can no longer tell what the actual fucking fuck crosses your head or what your motivations or ideology are. ARE YOU ANARCHIST OR WHAT? Because either you HATE everything or you change who you support in every freaking post of yours. What's next are you gonna turn a misanthrope in favour of an alien reptilian controlled Mars government or what? For fucks sake..............FOR ONCE AND FOR FUCKING ALL TELL US WHAT YOUR STANCE IS, it is impossible to hold any remotely productive talk with you, when your claims are empty, overblown, fake and different ALL THE GODDAMN time, much less it is possible to take you seriously since all the crap you talk are soundbites, trolling and just ignorance and ridicule embodied.


5) a) Ok first of all, listen here you ignorant kid, same-sex bathrooms DO NOT promote rape and in fact are born out of a societal concern of transgender people who are ALIENATED because of what they are, even though they shouldn't be since their gender constitution is NOT a reason to demonize them. They are also there for people of different gender to be able to support others that require external help, i.e. disabled individuals whose caretakers are of the OPPOSITE Genders. Same-Sex bathrooms are NOT for rape, they are TO HELP PEOPLE with humanitarian needs which again DO NOT involve rape, you little enclosed snail. 

b) You do not want Jobs back, you do not even know what the fuck you want, nobody else does (refer to point 4) and competing and improving the economy DOES NOT HAVE TO involve FURTHER degradation and contamination of the planet WE ALL LIVE IN. You want oil, coal and emissions and gasses? Ok you have that right, but at the very least buy a dome a HUGE glass dome ALL OVER the US so that you contaminate yourself alone and leave the rest of the world in peace. You cannot do that? Then you're a fucking Nazi in every regard for wanting to achieve superiority at the expense of the welfare of the entire planet and we have EVERY right to call you out on that shit because you're fucking US over, so it is not ok to be "Anti-American" (HINT we're not. HINT2: we're not, HINT3: WE ARE NOT ANTI-AMERICAN), but it is ok to be "Anti all the world that isn't America"?

You don't have any values to share, any and all North Americans I know have more values, more knowledge and more guts than you have ever shown in all your commentary here. The only thing you have are childish tantrum, a HUGE need for attention, and a tremendous ignorance that should embarrass you. Perhaps if you stopped being a time-wasting-oxygen-depriving Hikiko-NEET and stepped out of your home for once in your goddamned life, you'd see there is a whole world outside your room, your computer and the web pages your browse. If you saw and participated in that world, you'd at the very least gain sufficient knowledge and enough social ability to engage in educated conversations with actual facts.

Instead you prove and remain a socially inept kid with a love for ignorance, and with a total inability to develop either maturity or any sort of knowledge baggage, to improve as an individual, heck no you just thrill on mediocrity and enjoy being there. You might as well be a parasite or a slime, you're no better than either, and you don't give a damn either, which is what makes you a very sad and pathetic person. Grow up for once.

#2451592 [Jump Festa 2017] Latest Information Stage: 6th Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime

Posted by BGMaxie on 17 December 2016 - 12:37 PM

For those who are curious about his naming and hair, I found this analysis: http://nerdgasrnz.tu...-analysis-sorta

Plant Deck perhaps? I don't really see a main protagonist using one, but I wouldn't necessarily rule it out.

If anyone could find an image of the skateboarding guy in better quality, can you please post it?

Also he's apparently 16, but I don't have any confirmation about this.

rip not a female I cri

Warriors, Spellcasters, Dragons and to a lesser degree Machines. Those are the things that sell, so expect them again.


Happy that the main protagonist is gonna use Plants...

Sad that Konami doesn't have the balls to make him a her...

Not guaranteed.


And Konami will never make a "her" because the demographics do not allow it. 9 year olds want to watch a cool guy or a boy they can relate to, not a girl. Fujoshi want to ship males, a girl breaks that equation.

#2449661 [MACR] Yusho’s Performapals & Reiji’s New D/D Cards

Posted by BGMaxie on 30 November 2016 - 08:18 AM

Wow they really printed Eternal Darkness.............without nerfs '-'

#2448181 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by BGMaxie on 18 November 2016 - 04:44 PM

You can't replace the Swamp with another one by imposing term limits and restrictions on lobbyists that last for the majority of the term their recipients would be in office.


They're not protesting because of their majority. They're protesting because they don't understand the electoral college, don't want to, are burning flags and rioting in the streets, wishing harm upon the president-elect, and what's worse, they're hypocrites.


"Trump better accept the results when Hillary wins!"

"Trump won? Better riot and not accept the results!"


The Clinton Foundation pockets most of the money that goes toward any funds and is the most corrupt establishment in the West. Any good it has done is severely outweighed by its evil. But you don't want to hear "conspiracy theory" so I won't bother.


Our previous government tried to work with a globalist apologist of a president who did nothing to quell riots and insurrection and only wanted to push an agenda where the US was a militant force in the world that can't leave well enough alone. He didn't want anything for the good of America. 

Yes. We have a welfare system that awards people for being useless and lazy. Illegals get a big chunk of it.

Where do you take that stuff that they do not get how the Electoral System works? I could very much say the same about Trump supporters at large, but I have no way to prove that stuff, nor the opposite. Also it IS a fact that the greater popular vote got downright ignored in favour of other's interests which goes against democracy at large.


Also I do not condone the riots and the violence by any means, but let's be very honest.......Trump's rhetoric has by a far lot focused on fanning flames with hate, divisionism, xenophobia, misogyny, racism and even disrespect for the disabled, which have NO justification whatsoever. No matter what kind of "nationalist" message you wanna give, it does not entitle to treat a significant portion of the populace as sub-humans, which is what these protesters see in Trump which is WHY they riot. The man got this upon himself for being the person he is, again not that I condone it but I understand their reactions. And please let's not treat this as just "he just says mean things" because that would be being overly shallow. If he disrespects and mistreats latinos, women, disabled, islamists, etc. then he will very much NOT govern for any of them but against them, simple as that.


Also the Clinton Foundation has the highest ratings possible from several public watchdogs, who all can very much attest that most of the money IS being used for their caritative goals, ergo any good it has done far surpasses and outweighs any possible "evil" done, if any has been done.


The thing is, they knew how the system worked going into it, and now they're complaining about a system that is over 200 years old because it didn't go their way. That's the big issue. They're being children over something they knew had the possibility of happening. They can complain about the shitty system all they want, but rioting, looting, and burning flags is not the way to do it.


When illegal immigrants have children here, those children are citizens that are able to draw benefits and keep their parents here, thereby qualifying their household for social programs. They are less likely to receive these benefits, but they still take a fair amount of them.


I think we should do away with welfare altogether though.

This and the last part of the above quote basically assumes and believes that those individuals are being nothing but parasites leeching benefits and not returning anything in exchange, but that's not how things are. In some of the several sources I've posted in this topic it very much says, immigrants come here to work, and are even willing to work where born citizens are not willing to (like agriculture, restaurants, etc.), they pay their taxes (and in fact pay more taxes than Trump has in 20 years), they make the economy grow and simply put their overall effect is positive not a negative one.


So where is the wrong for them to get benefits if they actually DO contribute to society (again in more ways than Trump has)? I really have no idea why being "Born inside" is such a synonymous of "goodness" while being immigrant is synonymous of "badness", since funnily enough research says it is often the opposite (yes also sourced around).

#2447443 The Official Yugioh Arc-V Anime Discussion Thread

Posted by BGMaxie on 13 November 2016 - 06:34 PM

Is it my idea or in these last episodes, Reiji kind of no longer has any keikaku? Either that or everybody is unaffected by keikaku. Thoughts?

#2447199 Digital Order (Update): Even more monsters from the internet.

Posted by BGMaxie on 12 November 2016 - 11:28 AM

http://forum.dueling...+digital +order


Greetings guys, it's been awhile since I worked in some of my more original CaC. This one is a boost for the Digital Order Deck (see above for reference). As a reminder, these guys are a Pendulum Deck whose goal is to gather as many members as possible and they become stronger the more you control at any given time. This Deck is basically bossless and even high level monsters have basic effects which make their overall power not that greater than the rest of the Deck.


I got feedback the last time in that the Deck as it was atm, kinda focused too much on the beatdown side of things, and so I bring problem solvers of different kind for your needs. Hopefully it expands the Deck. First an introduction to part 2 of the Deck since somehow I believed I posted it here but it seems I didn't.


Part 2


And now into the true fun!!


Part 3

Hope you like them =)

#2447111 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by BGMaxie on 11 November 2016 - 10:33 AM

Sorry mate, it wasn't a dig, just trying to point something out. 


Yeah, I do remember the 2000 elections; Al Gore vs. Bush. I wasn't old enough to really comprehend it to the extent I can now, but I do know that the problems were similar. 


So, here are the votes as they stand at 13.13 British time on the 11th of November. 

Hillary:  60,274,974 votes

Donald:  59,937,338 votes

So, about 300,000 people more expressed an interest at having Hillary as their president. But, the Republicans now control the house of representatives, congress and the presidential office. 


Now, if Trump was president and both the House and Congress was Democrat, you would have a means to say that the election was 'fair', as powers were equally divided. As it stands, a vote for the Republican party is "More Equal" than a vote for the democrats, which has caused the uproar that you now witness. And therefore, I would argue that the electoral vote system has failed the American people. 




And yes, Apathy in democracy is rife across the board, and it is a big problem. However, as much as it is your right to vote, it is also your right not to vote. As much as it might pain you or I, despite our differences in political viewpoint, that is a right that we must respect. 

I say rights come with obligation, duty and responsibility. I'm of the opinion that if you're a citizen grown up enough then you MUST perform  your civic duty and go vote. My country's disposition to voting is at an all time low ever since voting is voluntary (reaching as low as 35% voters and even less than that depending on case). People complain WAY too much about politics yet they aren't even exercising enough strength into their seemingly very heavy asses to do something as basic, fundamental and important for the country as a WHOLE, as voting.


If they do not fill represented then they should vote null. Your vote is your voice, if you do not vote, then that means you are not even saying something at all. Not that I dislike A, or I dislike B, oh no, you're just remaining quiet doing absolutely NOTHING at all, and that in itself is pathetic and worth of any and all critiques, since after all, these same people are gonna be complaining how everything is shit, yet they did not move any muscle to do anything at all. Just a bunch of lazy parasites that want others to solve their problems from them, and no, I'm not talking about the poor here, I'm talking about people who do not even have the attitude to act in something that can change their lives in one way or the other.

#2446711 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by BGMaxie on 09 November 2016 - 11:16 AM

A very rational point. I completely agree that the slap was necessary, and that this should hopefully spark the liberal left to reinvent itself. I just wish that it was someone else, someone who approached the issues that the US faces from the other perspective. Someone that is as inspirational as Obama, with a mandate for positive change.
Trump will destroy all progress of the last 8 years to the sound of applause.

As some post I read around the net. The Republicans didn't win, the Democrats lost. For one single reason. They committed their greatest fuckup when they screwed Sanders for Clinton. This was basically them caring about their Party interests rather than people's interests and in a sense people responded against that. Sanders would have destroyed Trump, EASILY.


I can't believe he actually won. He beat the rigged system. Almost everything was against him and he still won.

Electoral yes, Popular does not look like it.......


Ohbby yes trump won.

I woke up thinking Hilary Clinton won.

Either way if any of you need Canadian bros need someone to cop and clean in exchange shelter let me. ^_^

Read above :P

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