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I come back here, just to see DN is now deceased. We had a good run, but all good things must come to an end. Updated 25 Jul · 0 comments

About Me

As you can tell by my name, I am a highly adept Agent user. I am also capable of using a variety of other decks, with some exceptions(Namely Inzektors, Instant Win Decks, and Exodia decks). I also don't view certain decks with a high opinion to the point where I think the user should dismantle the deck outright and choose another archetype(Of course, I have been more laid back with some archetypes. Inzektors aren't one of them). And lastly, I happen to hate some monsters(The previous statement about releasing Trishula from being Forbidden is funny in hindsight, but only in Japan. that being said, I simply despise Shi-En.)

Allies of Team Tachyon ReBirth: Team Great Unmoving Library(Pegatinum/Madolchecutie/Library_of_Grimoire/Fortune_Queen, Kaiba100), UltimateKuriboh, Team Shining Darkness(DuelistDragonGoku), Beautyswan, Project Excalibur, !Fluttershy!!/(Fairy Tail)Flutter

Former Enemies of Team Tachyon ReBirth: I_am_Videl, Nicki Minaj1, Team New World( (darkdemon)lewis, Shockmaster_IV), Project Excalibur, Laneomac2, E.G Bruno

Current Enemies of Team Tachyon ReBirth: Deathmaster222, LittleTadpole, reptilinator, The Tailed Beast Academy, Shockmaster_IV, DuelistXX/Superdarkone/MEgaduelistx, Lightshild, Sykonika

Former Teams: Team Shadow (once led by DuelistXX, who was infamous for cheating, and telling others to "put back ind eck and shiffle"), Team Photon (Formed by DarkMage145, who may or may not be Body Bagging others on YGOPro), Team Victory Viper (Formed by LittleTadpole, who had good intentions... until he decided that Deathmaster was better then me and betrayed me as a result.), and Team New Genesis (Supposed to be led by Fortune_Queen... I have no clue what the devil happened.)

Power is Everything....

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