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#2457775 The evolution of the "Yu-gi-oh" Trading card game. Joke

Posted by genexwrecker on 18 February 2017 - 08:23 PM

This post will contain extreme amounts of genexwrecker. Men or women with heart conditions are advised not to look at her as she is very pretty. This also applies to women and men without heart conditions. Also parents hide your children due to the ammount of butthurt this will generate and the cussing and flame wars.


Please enjoy folks


Hope you enjoyed.

#2456886 My Dnf chat mod application

Posted by genexwrecker on 13 February 2017 - 03:44 AM

I would like to apply for chatmod


my best traits are............


okay well some of my passable traits are Being unbiased and yea i got nothing.



My history with managing people is running my own forum that blew up in my face and made everyone leave. I am able to make good choices such as I abandoned my forum due to no activity to do other more important things like minecraft.


if the chat is empty I will probably be playing minecraft rather than watch it But I will have the bell on so I can hear when new people come in so that is good right?


I will also provide free donuts to anyone who joins the chats and then immediately boot them for stealing said donuts. 



So yea....Genexwrecker for dnf chatmod 2017.....


wait there is no chat? oh well nvermind then.

#2456266 Duelingbook is real

Posted by genexwrecker on 05 February 2017 - 11:27 PM

If this isn't legit evidence then I don't know what is.

Tacos with hot dogs in them? Seems legit enough evidence considering that is all xteven eats

#2456144 F/L List Prediction - Post-RATE/FUEN

Posted by genexwrecker on 05 February 2017 - 01:49 AM

Instant Fusion was never a problem card, it was just the monsters it could summon that were. As it stands now, the only thing people would bother using it for is Norden, and that's limited already. What good could possibly come of limiting Instant Fusion when it can't do anything wrong by itself?

To back up this argument.....noden, restrict, tunerfuser5000


Instant fusion is never doing anything wrong and is never actually the centerpiece of anything. Designing an instant fusion target that summons a monster from the grave for xyz fodder is not the fault of any card that can easily summon it.

#2456142 Twin Twisters - Is it worthy of a hit?

Posted by genexwrecker on 05 February 2017 - 01:44 AM

​Twin Twisters is not needed for multiple reasons, but it is needed, for a reason nonetheless that is an important one at that. It has its place so I would not expect it to be removed from the game anytime soon if at all.

Your posting just did a 180 I'm confused as fuck. explain the past 5 posts please I lost.

#2456135 Twin Twisters - Is it worthy of a hit?

Posted by genexwrecker on 05 February 2017 - 01:28 AM

​You say one thing, but then immediately contradict it; unless if you are saying Twin Twisters is literally the only option.


​I am not trying to get rid of these cards. I am arguing against what I think to be faulty logic.

I didin't contradict anything try reading my post buddy. I was telling of how we have powerful backrow and that we do have useful backrow. There is not a lot of backrow in the currrent format but the ones we have are powerful and do their effects at no cost. I was simply stating that twin twisters as a generic spell/trap destruction keeps stuff like this in check.....aka spell/trap destruction is one of the only 2 ways in the game to stop these cards. The only other ways to stop these cards is to negate them half of which are counter traps which have a very limited pool that can negate them. Thus generic destruction by the likes of twin twisters ,mst, space cyclone,nightbeam, double cyclone, ect. is the best way for decks to play around these. 


You are suggesting we ban one of the only mechanics to even remotely stop backrow and it isnt even the best method at that. what I am asking here is why you would want a perfectly balanced card that keeps backrow in check to be on the list? If we were talking about something like banning harpies feather duster you might have something to argue about but I have yet to see any good reason come from your head as to why twin twisters should be baned, limited, semi-limited. Its a 2 for 2 removal you use up 2 cards to pop 2 cards almost exactly the same as having 2 mst in hand.


Twin twisters is not the only option to deal with backrow but it is an option. What  has twin twisters done wrong other than sack your skilless little floodgate?


If you want to go by twin twisters can generate your own advantage on your field double cyclone did that better.

#2456129 Twin Twisters - Is it worthy of a hit?

Posted by genexwrecker on 05 February 2017 - 12:23 AM

 We have cards to "oppose" these things.

Yes we do but you are trying to get rid of those cards.

#2455978 Duelingbook is real

Posted by genexwrecker on 04 February 2017 - 12:20 AM

Yep. I stand my ground until the site is decently operational

Hate to be a downer but I want things to be absolute before getting my hopes up too high



Yea shun lets tell those guys they can suck it. WOOOO WOOOOOOO

#2453956 Duel Links release

Posted by genexwrecker on 10 January 2017 - 10:33 PM



Now excuse me while I flee the country before Konami sues me for Defamation

#2452879 TCG Forbidden and Limited List Prediction/Wishlist Thread (Dec.31-Feb 10)

Posted by genexwrecker on 28 December 2016 - 05:33 PM

@Dark_Stars @(Monarch)-Snow


I wish that you too resolve your Upstart goblin argument in private since I didn't include it on my list, and I don't really want my to close my thread because of flame. Stop bickering with one card I didn't include on the thread. You can fight about Terrortop all you want however.

To be fair I'm surprised your thread was not locked the moment you posted it list predictions are usually all kept in 1 thread. locking this is not losing anything special.


but then you can get up major defense  with it. The other defensive stuff you set up with it is broken. 

Infinity is becoming less and less attractive and ran in decks. Most ABC's  are rank 4 based decks now.


If include the terrortop engine just for totem bird then you're making a bad deck imo.

what crisp said. You give up an aweful lot of deck space just for a silly little totem bird. deck space that could be used for  cards that actually synergize and are consistant with one another. provided you run the min at the very least you give up 1 extra slot and 2 deck slots but terror is usually run at 3 and taket at 1. every slot matters for consistancy.


@Dark_Stars @(Monarch)-Snow


I just pondered something. How will Konami kill Metalfoe. That will be a hard deck to kill. You can't pick one card, besides maybe Mith and Counter can be hit on the list.

I don't think counter will get the hammer. at this point I am completely unsure of how metalfoes will get hit but the deck looks more like a pepe knock off meaning it will probably survive a few lists.



and Painful Decision to 1. Every other hit would be really nosense


I disagree with this one painful seems perfectly balanced for a search card

#2452875 TCG Forbidden and Limited List Prediction/Wishlist Thread (Dec.31-Feb 10)

Posted by genexwrecker on 28 December 2016 - 04:57 PM

TOTEM BIRD, plus whatever other defense you set up in the deck you're running Terrortop in.

Congratz a 1 for 1 spell negation that is earchable...never seen that before. Totem bird like the others listed is PERFECTLY BALANCED being allowed 1 of those isnt an issue.


Irrelevant we are talking about what terrortop alone does not the fact your deck gets set up on top of terror. the same could be said for galaxy soldier but you don't see anybody gunning for him do you?

#2452871 TCG Forbidden and Limited List Prediction/Wishlist Thread (Dec.31-Feb 10)

Posted by genexwrecker on 28 December 2016 - 04:39 PM

.... I give it up reasoning to this person. Terrortop should get limited and you know it.

outside of dante what is terrortop going to do? giga? fortune tune? acid? leviar? zenmaines? breaksword?


None of those xyzs are reasons to limmit terrortop. The only reason people splash terror and taket is to have an inconsistant rank 3 engine. Yes open with it and you get 1 rank 3 monster. woop dee fuckin doo. if you are not summoning a dante your opponent is not going to care and neither is the power creep


Your definition of 'reasoning' is to simply mock others, then endlessly list off a bunch of crap that doesn't prove your argument. Beigomax isn't going to be limited and you know it, the TCG list wouldnt be stupid enough to do that.

#stratos for dayz

#2452787 Forbidden/Limited List: TCG Winter 2016-2017 Prediction

Posted by genexwrecker on 27 December 2016 - 09:14 PM

Back when it was the only easily searchable generic high scale, Flash Knight was decent tho. And it's level 4, which was relevant in PePe.



Somebody better have a really damn good reason why we are talking about banning/hitting Flash knight or other cards because flash knight is used with them or was used with them and you have better have Ycs statistics to back that claim up.

#2452783 Forbidden/Limited List: TCG Winter 2016-2017 Prediction

Posted by genexwrecker on 27 December 2016 - 08:40 PM

oh dear god no I can search a scale 7 card with a meager search card at best.....never seen that before definitely busted must ban flashknight now...wait what kind of drugs am I on am I actually reading these posts right? What is wrong with these people There are far more scales that are easier to search and tech than flashknight and synergize  better and none of those cards are even close to broke either.

#2452781 Vijam the Cubic Seed Ruling

Posted by genexwrecker on 27 December 2016 - 08:15 PM

Any monster that has counters on it will stay on it, and the effect that comes with it will continue to apply, even when Vijam is no longer on the field. The only time when counters are removed from a face-up monster is when it leaves the field, or when it is flipped face-down by a card effect. In the end, even when Vijam leaves the field eventually, a monster with a counter by its effect will still have its effect negated and unable to attack.

Actually the counters don't have effects. The effects come from the cards that are involved with the counters not the counters themselves. The effects of those cards only apply while those cards are on the field. If Vijam leaves the field or is no longer face up They will not have their effects negated and will be allowed to attack. There is also a place from the rulebook that explains how the counters work.





 You may need to place these on cards for some card effects. You cannot place counters unless a card effect allows it. Cards may have effects that change with the number of counters on them, or require you to remove counters as a cost. Some counters have specific names, such as “Spell Counter” or “Clock Counter.” Other than their names, each individual counter itself does not have any effects.


The counters do not apply effects the monsters/effects that are involved with them do. if those cards are removed or have their effects negated the counters do nothing. The counters themselves however cannot be removed except by card effects that specifically state so or if the card is no longer face up on the field.


For similar ruling issues See A-counters.

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