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Genex Tactics #1 Solar Star loop

03 March 2017 - 01:11 AM

Maindeck cards required


  • Genex Recycled
  • Genex Ally Chemistrer
  • Genex Solar
  • Machine dupelication
  • Foolish burial
  • Double summon

Extra deck cards required


  • Number 42: Galaxy starship Tomahawk
  • Genex ally Axel


Depends on the turn of the game you are in will change the ammount of the cards required. If you want to do this turn 1 you must have the following in hand


Genex Recycled

Genex ally Chemistrer

Double summon

Foolish  burial

Machine duplication

Have dropped maxx c drawing atleast 2 aditional cards.


  1. Activate Foolish burial Sending Genex Solar to the graveyard
  2. Summon Genex Recycled
  3. Activate the effect of recycled to give it the name "Genex Solar"
  4. Activate Machine duplication targeting Recycled now named Genex solar to summon 2 of them from the deck
  5. Overlay the 2 Solars to summon number 42
  6. Activate the effect of Number 42 summoning 3 tokens to the field. 
  7. Synchro summon any level 7 With Genex Recycled and a token.
  8. Activate double summon and normal summon Genex ally chemistrer.
  9. Synchro Chemistrer with a token to summon a Genex ally Axel
  10. Use the effect of Axel To summon Chemistrer from the grave
  11. Synch with the 3rd and last token to summon any level 8 Synchro.



You now have a field of. 


  1. Number 42: Starship Galaxy Tomahawk
  2. Genex Ally Axel
  3. Most likely clear wing or black rose
  4. and a form of stardust or red dragon.

This is a pure Genex combo. You can splash the starship and Chemisterer in any deck that can dish out 2 level 7s easily for the same result + 1 extra axel. I just felt it nice to share that Genex have this possibility and that there are many other combos the deck has.


The death of Genex

25 February 2017 - 01:33 PM

Most of my Genex decks/combos will be dead when link summoning hits. Sad day it will be. So I would like to collect some opinions. Does anybody want me to write an article sharing What I have discovered with Genex until the new method completely nukes it to death?


What is it you would like to learn about Genex. Do you want to know if certain decks can use Genex? Let me know.

The evolution of the "Yu-gi-oh" Trading card game. Joke

18 February 2017 - 08:23 PM

This post will contain extreme amounts of genexwrecker. Men or women with heart conditions are advised not to look at her as she is very pretty. This also applies to women and men without heart conditions. Also parents hide your children due to the ammount of butthurt this will generate and the cussing and flame wars.


Please enjoy folks


Hope you enjoyed.

My Dnf chat mod application

13 February 2017 - 03:44 AM

I would like to apply for chatmod


my best traits are............


okay well some of my passable traits are Being unbiased and yea i got nothing.



My history with managing people is running my own forum that blew up in my face and made everyone leave. I am able to make good choices such as I abandoned my forum due to no activity to do other more important things like minecraft.


if the chat is empty I will probably be playing minecraft rather than watch it But I will have the bell on so I can hear when new people come in so that is good right?


I will also provide free donuts to anyone who joins the chats and then immediately boot them for stealing said donuts. 



So yea....Genexwrecker for dnf chatmod 2017.....


wait there is no chat? oh well nvermind then.

Why the police Suck....Why they don't suck

20 December 2016 - 11:54 PM

Why they suck


  1. The departments have a "quota" for tickets. They are there to serve and protect why do you need a min of tickets?
  2. The ones who stalk parking lots....why you stalking the parking lot? oh so you can ticket the person who made a 10 second stop in the fire zone to drop somebody off? So you can catch people not using turn singals when they turn out?
  3. They ALWAYS  station officers at either the bottom or top of a hill. No matter what even if you take your foot off the gas and ride the break you will still go over a 15-20 speed limit if you are on a steep hill. They basically ticket you for gravity.
  4. ACTUALLY STATIONING COPS SPECIFICALLY TO GET TICKETS instead of areas where crimes are occuring. During August this year through the end of september there was a group of 3 young male black guys robbing our neighbors at gunpoint in our subdivision. It took over a month for these robberies to stop. Where were the officers? Patrolling the subdivision? Nope sitting at the bottom of a hill with a meter/rader to write tickets. Never mind the old lady getting robbed at gun point 4 blocks down the road.
  5. Paid suspension. Should not be a thing. I fuck up at a job I am garunteed to not get a paid vacation actually for most partimers if you people fuck up at ur job your hours get cut to nothing so yea you get some time off but it not paid. I know some places fire you after like 3 mistakes too.

Why they are awesome

  1. Know quite a few police officers personally and I do some poster designs for one of their departments. I also design posters for their drug I mean D.A.R.E. program and the officers and Cheif are always kind and happy to spread good word of the damages of such.
  2. When certain officers or even campus officers Save us from a current threat. Just recently a person in an act of terror Drove a car into severeal people on a college campus and got out and started swinging a Giant knife(machete) trying to hack people down. Campus officer shot him down on spot and ended the terror.
  3. Officers who help the lost become unlost. When I was 5 I got lost and an officer helped me get back to where I needed to be.
  4. They keep the Donut shops from going bankrupt and closing down. whoo hooo.


Do you have nice officers where you are?

How is the crime in your town? 

Do you have any good or bad experiences with the police?

Do you have any friends who are in the field?

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