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#2369856 Does Superheavy Samurai Gigagloves / Flutist Target?

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 27 March 2016 - 02:03 PM

Ok, thank you very much the two of you. :) 

#2213445 The Monarchs Stormforth effect during opponent's turn

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 22 August 2015 - 06:00 PM

tmsf uses normal summoning mechanics still. it must be comboed with a card like escalation of the monarch to tribute a monster on opps turn


Ryan be aware that as soon as October hit, Monarchs will have new monsters which will allow to Tribute summon during the opponent turn. Also, you might be interested in the following for future references;


The Monarch Stormforth does not target a monste(s) this being said it will bypass monsters with effects such as "This card cannot be targeted by...." 

If you chain an effect that render one of your monster immune to spell card effects to TMS, they will not be able to tribute the said monster. 

TMS does not send a card to the graveyard, nor summon a monster. This being said it will bypass effect of cards such as "If/when this card is sent to the graveyard by a card effect...." and it will not be stopable by cards such as Solemn Warning and the likes. 

#2142067 The Custom Deck

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 04 June 2015 - 11:48 AM




which by extension would apply to any deck based on type or attribute

No, because cards such as Witch of The Black forest does not care if the monster you chose is a Dark Level 6 Machine monster with 2400ATK/1500 DEF or an Aqua Lv6 Monster with 2400ATK and 1000DEF 



A archetype tells you what cards to put into the deck.


Put Burning Abyss cards with burning abyss, there is no room for individualism because you stick all the cards that support and deal with burning abyss because the cards told you to do so.


And even that, there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is the fact these decks are allowed to run their powerhouses x3, while we're told our 15 years old cards are too powerful to be played today, as I stated early.




A archetype tells you what cards to put into the deck.

Build a deck the way I do, with countless research, working with timing, reading the cards perfectly, creating multiple strategies to my opponent decks, and throwing in interesting unique cards, with unique effects and seeing if they work with this or that. 


Building a deck based on an Archetype is lazy. Because all you need to do is throw in a card because it tells you this is the card you need for this deck.


Building a deck the way I do is not. Because I take the time to figure out non archetypes and take the time to understand the cards.


While this can sound harsh, I think a little example should be given for them to understand the whole thing. 


When I was talking about Macro Cosmos versus Banisher of the Radiance, I mentioned that Banisher of the radiance eat 1 normal summon (and so a turn.) Both cards hinder grave-reliant decks greatly, but because Decks like BA can also special summon from their hand in a fast fashion it is sill easy to go into Dante, get it to 2500ATK & go kaboom on Banisher. 


Clearly, what is annoying is the fact we have to use our only normal summon for that when the opponent is playing a quick S-summon deck. Doing so force us to think "Ok now that I play my Banisher of the radiance, what can I do to make up for the loss of my normal summon on this turn?" This is what he mean when he says "unlike these players, I have to research every cards I may need/want to use to make it work."


Where the T1 archetype player does not have to do that 100% of the time, because the archetype he is playing will give him the monsters he need with the effect he need. On top one obvious card will will be super easy to bring and will be a big plus to the engine (See Dante could be an example here.) The said player just have to adjust the number of copies he'll be using knowing which card bring what effect, for someone who doesn't play archetype centred its different, he has to search which generic card could be a plus minus its cost of activation/downside. 

#2141915 The Custom Deck

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 04 June 2015 - 08:34 AM

This doesn't happen because of the yugioh banlist.  The banlist hits generic support that would let these custom decks stand a chance against meta ones, while leaving the meta cards untouched at 3.   Essentially, the power difference between custom and meta is so large at this point, that in order to beat a meta deck with a non meta custom deck requires the player playing meta to open up terribly or play poorly.

Completely agree, and its what I have said many time. Its too easy for a meta player to call himself good and skilled and to comment on how other decks are less competitive when Konami do everything for them to have that "power" feeling, where someone playing a slower/custom deck will do his best to get unrelated cards to be working together and produce nice combos/effects. 


Are there particular generic cards you are thinking of? Because by definition almost any "generic card" can in theory be used by an archetype-oriented deck.


The following cards says hello! 

  • Macro Cosmos (You'll say: Oh but you get 2 unlimited monsters with the exact same effect!) Yes, but the fact they're monsters force you to lose 1 normal summon on a turn, against decks which special summon monsters like machine gun. 
  • Dimensional Fissure: see above
  • Sangan (T1 decks have so many searchers already, 1 more will not change that so much) 
  • Witch of the black forest (see above) 
  • Synchro Trishula (cause its an uber troll to ban it & give 3 of them to 1 archetype.) 
  • Fishborg Blaster (Cause monarch were too competitive.... while it does require a successful tribute summon.. is that a joke?) 
  • Tribe Infecting Virus (Hey guys, my name is Judgement Dragon! S-Summon me with close to no condition, pay 1000LP & blast everything! while tribe need a normal summon & make you go -1)
  • Elemental Hero Stratos (Because it was deemed too broken, while our T1 decks are not too broken, right?) 
  • Cold Wave (It could make our Nekroz player cry so lets avoid that, ok?) 
  • Return from the different Dimension (Because its way too powerful, while our lovely BA players can do the exact same thing turn 1, free of cost.) 
  • Dimension Fusion (is a joke)
  • Artifact Moraltach (is even more of a joke)
  • Debris Dragon (Because its too powerful, obviously..) 
  • Deep Sea Diva (2 synchro in a turn, blasphemy! especially since some decks can do 2+ XYZ/Ritual/Special in a turn, I mean, where would we be going with that?) 
  • Compulsory Evacuation Device (I have no words here..) 
  • Vanity's Emptiness (Understandable, however the balance here is ridiculous.) 
  • Rescue Rabbit (Cause this card obviously have no cost, and you can just special summon it like that for free, right?) 
  • Dandelion (Because whenever this card is sent to the graveyard you summon 2 silly token, beware, the dandelion would take over the world at 2! while our BA players can get nearly everything x3!) 

While some of them could definitely be added into any archetype decks, these cards are generic and they would greatly help the "less popular" decks of today. I give you that Witch could get you to search cards such as "Nekroz of Brionac" or "Nekroz of Unicore" (Archetypely speaking) when sent from the field to the graveyard, but instead of banning such cards, why don't they limit Brionekroz to 1, Unicore to 1 and Trishunekroz to 1 as well?


There are plenty of cards which should be semi-limited or limited in every T1 decks but they are not, doing so would slower them down while giving custom decks a fair chance. You'd get your archetype decks, maybe less broken but at least you'd be able to use the so loved word "skill" when you play it because you'd really have to think "Ok, what do I do now?" more often.


I am all for competitive decks and archetype decks (and both things in one) but when it mean that you have to chose only between completely overpowered & unbalanced decks, I am sorry but no. Competition is also about pushing your limits, with such decks you don't. 


Also, something about your wording bugs me. You differentiate between "custom" and "meta", yet there have been plenty of decks that have been meta in the past that didn't rely on archetypes even after Synchro summons were introduced.


Yes, the person who made the Disaster Dragon had an incredible idea, what happened to Disaster Dragon again :P ?  


No one's crying or whining, the fact we state an opinion on how the game is going isn't whining, we're debating because we're passionate about it, unlike most people who prefer to keep spending money on new shiny decks without questioning how and why things happen. If you don't like such threads you can always avoid them, I avoid these threads related to competitive decks myself, its not hard.  

#2140674 July 2015 Errata prediction

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 02 June 2015 - 04:07 PM

- Gracefull Charity


old effect: Draw 3 cards, then discard 2 cards.


Predicted new errata: Shuffle 2 random cards from your hand to the deck, than draw 3 cards.


Well with this errata we kill 2 problems with GC. First the grave set-up and secondly you have to shuffle back 2 cards before drawing. By adding the ''Random'' it will make the card more skill-full to use. Sure you can play around it by setting spell cards but than you will risk a MST. I think this card is now properly balanced still powerful but not OP as it was.


That would be amazing. 


Any idea for Painful Choice? Is it going to be changed anyway? :o 

#2140341 The Custom Deck

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 02 June 2015 - 09:35 AM

For some reason, discussion about originality and the like always devolves into casual camp calling the opposition joy-killing prick and competitive camp countering with nostalgic-glassed hipsters. Might as well lock this before it turns to that. Or not. Eh. *shrugs*


While you make such an accurate and strong point where I can only agree, you have to take into consideration that most of those so called "casuals" don't really care about being Tier 1 or whatever, these people are here to play for fun and fun only. What I mean by that is that you'll never see a "casual" go on a thread to say "Your deck isn't casual enough" because they don't care in the 1st place. 


Often you see threads where someone will say "I build this deck for locals & fun" and these people have to come back to their own thread to explain a 2nd time that its for "fun" because some other players will come to make comments on the deck versus a competitive situation, where the OP would only talk about the fun and pleasure to play. Look at this thread & you'll see exactly what I am talking about. 


Edit: Here in England cards are as expensive, but we get a better value for money when we buy on USebay :P cos £ > $. 

#2139903 The Custom Deck

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 01 June 2015 - 04:43 PM

Why can't my avatar card be Nekroz of Trishula? If I declare Nekroz of Trishula to be my avatar and build a deck around him and his Nekroz buddies, is that not a custom deck by your definition?


Oh boy, here we go.. 


The "custom decks" you mention are the product of kids trading cards that look cool and throw them into a deck. A once competitive deck that gets close to that would be Fiend Beatdown. In fact, most beatdown decks are kind of like that. The anime isn't real life; you don't draw the cards or opening you want just because you want to; Kaiba never had Crush Card without a target, and Yugi always got multiply whenever he had Kuriboh, etcetera. It's also one of the big things I disliked about the original anime as a whole; none of them really had a strategy to them; just random cards and combos thrown together.


No one talked about the animated YGO,  it did not have strategy but again it did not have half the rules & rulings we get, they had only 2000 LP and could normal summon Lv7-8 monsters without tributing, so that speak alot. However its not the main goal here, he's asking if you ever made a creative deck of your own, looking at a bunch of card thinking "ohh these looks cool, How could I make a working deck around them." and by that he's not talking about the T-1 Competitive decks. 


People do this all the time, but not everything works in a competitive environment. An Ectoplasmer deck is fun, but there's no way that keeps up with the meta. These "custom decks" can be found in casual play for that reason, and in competitive... Well, you won't find these things.


But then, why does everything have to rotate around competitive scene? It was not even mentioned by him in the 1st place, and for his defense you even have people who run wanna be T1/competitive decks in the unrated, they come with these kind of deck even when you say "Testing a slow combo deck." 


The concept of "Summon ace card, win" died post GX, when Synchro allowed more versatile bosses, where you don't have to wait to draw into it because it isn't in the main deck. If this "Avatar" card you mentioned correlates to the the concept I mentioned before, yeah, it is pretty much dead. Competitive-wise of course. Ask any competitive duelists about their ace card and you'll usually won't get a split-second answer compared to the game pre-TDGS. There is no such thing as ace monster this days; boss cards are just disposable tools, like other monsters.


It is dead because people prefer to go with the latest shiny deck, but to be fair its quite understandable, its human nature to take side with the winning element(s.) However there are people who have an emblem card or two, my ones being pretty obvious :P I also love Mega Caius, which is indeed my favorite & boss monster. 


There's no such thing as individuality in YGO.


Here you're wrong, there are plenty of players who have individuality, some of them are courageous enough to show themselves during RL tournaments, and the fact their decks are not seen as competitive for whatever reason shouldn't deprive them of their originality and individuality. Its because of such point of views that threads like this one exist in the 1st place.


There are thousands of YGO players, and there is no way that you can come up with something unique that haven't been thought up by the group that got their hand on the new cards first (*cough*OCG*cough*). While occasionally, some brilliant stuff did came from the TCG (Volcanics, more considering exclusives), most stuff are already been discovered when it hit non-OCG shores. Unless you can patent new decks somewhat, but that'll probably make you look like a dick. *shrugs*


But then what about old cards? New/old does not matter, some old cards were pretty pointless before and can see the light of the day now a day, not a lot I give you that, but I am pretty sure that we've yet to find new things with old cards.  


In an ideal YGO world, every John and Jane have their own signature series/archetype/w/e you want to call it the moment they decides to pick YGO. There would be eight billion archetypes, and triple that amount for those that doesn't like being constrained to series/archetype. Unfortunately, we don't settle disputes with card games in real life.


In an ideal YGO world, Konami would know how not to fuck up such a nice card game with silly rulings/banlists and way too overpowered archetype, while the player base would not be a bunch of sheeps ready to jump the 1st hill when Konami say so, but hey I am asking to much here, aren't I? 


 Just because support tends to be archetype oriented doesn't mean everyone needs an archetype to build a deck.

Yes but then its always the same story, someone try to write a nice guide, or try to make a nice build and we get the "wannabeskilled" funbreakers coming in just to tell you that your deck isn't competitive enough cause its not called Nekroz, or because each card does not do everything for the deck to be superfast & overpowered. 



I am just so glad Konami isn't owning internet/PSN/XBOX-Live/Nintendo & Steam all together, because at this rate every online players would be fat babies who does not know what it is to game without an action replay. 

#2137584 Why are Yugioh Players such Dickheads to each other?

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 30 May 2015 - 09:20 AM

I get rule-sharked almost all the time. For example I was playing a six samurai deck and i summon legendary six samurai shi en. Then my opponent activate solemn warning. Then he says i cannot use shi en effect. Why? I dont know. So i try chaining "My body as a shield" to protect shi en. He says I cannot do that either. wtf? So I summon "The six samurai Irou" and activate "Cunning of the six samurai". I send irou to the grave and revive my shi en from the grave. He says I cannot do that either. So this bastard rule sharked me 3 times and I was not about to let him rule shark me a fourth time. I asked him why i could not revive shi en. He says i cannot summon it execpt by synchro summon. Since it was not synchro summoned I cannot summon it. Now this crazy guy is making up nonsense. If a card (such as black luster soldier envoy of the beginning) has to first be summoned though specific methods, it would specifically say that in its text. shi en never said that in its text. So he got mad and quitting the duel.


Did they explain to you why & what? If not, lemme try to clarify it for you below;


To begin with, each spell/trap cards and monster effects have some sort of speed, giving them priority over other cards. A good example could be any Normal/Continuous/Ritual/field/equip spell card (Raigeki - Messenger of Peace - Ritual of Black Magic - Harpy Hunting Ground - Axe of Despair.


Each of these spell cards can only be activated during your turn only (unless specified on the card itself) they're said to be speed 1. Then you have the cards that are speed 2 (Quickplay spell cards and normal/continuous trap cards/hand trap monsters.) These can be activated during your opponent turn or in chain to something as long as they were set down during your previous turn, or as long as the activation condition/cost are met. 


Lastly, you have the speed 3 cards, they're all the counter trap cards you could face, i.e: Solemn Warning - 7 Tool of the Bandit - Dark Bribe - Debunk. These cards only purpose are to outspeed anything and negate/counter (or both) anything the opponent is playing, be any sort of summon or effect activation.


  • Solemn Warning: (And most counter trap cards) are the fastest trap cards in term of speed (considered Speed 3, the highest), which mean that they will take priority over everything, on top some will specify that they "negate" an effect or any kind of summon. In this case, Ritual/Synchro/XYZ are all 3 part of the special summon group, which Solemn Warning negate, its its purpose. Solemn Warning "Negate" your summon ensuring it doesn't come on the field, then "destroy" the card to ensure its sent to the graveyard. If it didn't destroy the card you'd keep it in your hand. 


  • My Body as a Shield (And all quickplay spell cards) are speed 2, which mean that in your scenario, you understood that My Body would prevent the destruction of a card, but not in the right context as Solemn Warning outspeed any Quickplay Spell Card. My Body as a shield will be able to negate any card that is Speed 2 (or below) and which destroy monster(s) cards. Speed 2 cards with this effect could be "Mirror Force" > "Torrential Tribute" > "Bottomless Trap Hole" or any quick play spell card that include the effect of destroying a monster (I.e: Magical Dimension.)



Because of this difference in speed, your opponent was right, but because it would have taken a little while to explain it to you he just preferred to laze around and say "you can't do this/that" instead, which can be understandable to some extent, even if I disagree with the behavior.


As for you trying to revive a Synchro Monster which had its special summon negated by Solemn Warning, Ill try to clarify that for you too. Monsters such as Dark Magician/Blue Eyes White Dragon/Mystic Tomato are all normal monsters when it come to summoning condition, you either summon them normally, or tribute summon them (which is another form of normal summon.) This being said, it does not matter if they're sent to the graveyard from your hand or deck before being summoned normally, which allow you to special summon them with Monster reborn from there. They have no normal/special summoning condition at all beside (normal/tribute summon them normaly.)


For XYZ/Synchro/Fusion/Ritual/some special summon monsters such as Black Luster Soldier EoTB - Chaos Sorcerer - Dark Armed Dragon - Lightray Sorcerer - etc, these monster have a specific condition for their own special summon which is written on the card in most cases. 


examples could be: 


  • Black Luster Soldier EoTB: "This card can only be special summoned by banishing 1 light & one Dark Monster in your graveyard" which mean you can't tribute summon it, you have to 1st Special summon it with its own cost in order to revive it with a card such as "Call of The Haunted" "Monster Reborn" or any card that bring back a monster from the banished zone. 


  • Synchro/XyZ summon: Are bound by the condition of being successfully special summoned from the extra deck 1st (unless an outsider card say the opposite i.e: Starlight Road and Stardust Dragon.) This being said, if you were to synchro summon Shi En and your opponent activate "Solemn Warning" your synchro summon (which is a form of special summon) was negated, meaning that its summon never happened in the 1st place (it didn't hit the field), which is why you couldn't revive it with Irou. This specific special summon is bound by conditions unlike the monsters I mentioned early. You understand? the "negate" part here play a big role of why you can't special summon it back from anywhere. 


  • Fusion & ritual summons are pretty much the same thing, one asking for exact monster level/exact ritual spell card or more (ritual summon) or the exact monsters names (or some exception allowing you to use substitutes) with a fusion card (Polymerization/Miracle Fusion/Shaddoll fusion) etc. If a Fusion monster in your extra deck hit the graveyard without being previously successfully Fusion Summoned (I.e not negated with Solemn Warning,) you can't revive it with Monster reborn/Call of the haunted etc. 


Lastly, lets say that you had a Dark Bribe set down on your S/T card zone when your opponent activated Solemn Warning, in that case it would have been Solemn Warning versus Dark Bribe, the chain would have resolved normally as both are on the same speed level, your Dark bribe would have negated the activation of his Solemn Warning because the chain would give your card the priority.  


In any way, the effect is written on the cards you're using (except XYZ/Synchro) which can be unclear, I hope my little tutorial could provide you with some answers, if not I'm happy for people to correct me where I am wrong to help the fellow YGO player. :)



The guy was actually correct about everything and wasn't "rule sharking" you (that isn't even what rule sharking is). You should ask why in the ruling section of the forum, I'm not going to write a paragraph about that here.


This is a prime example of what I wrote above. People don't like accepting the fact they are wrong so they resort to conflict.



That the kind of attitude he's reffering to when he talk about rulesharking, he might have used the term in a wrong way but it does not change the fact that his opponent used his lack of ruling knowledge to get the easy way out of the duel due to Christen57's confusion. 


Anyway, don't worry about explaining it, I just hope my explanation is clear enough. 

#2126807 How to deal with Yugioh "Genwunners" (AKA No Xyz/Synchro/Pendulum/etc)

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 19 May 2015 - 04:58 PM

We get that there are people who have been behind at some points and still believe older generations were more fair and balanced.


While there is some of that, its not 100% of the reason. Let me try to light up your lantern with the following points; 


  1. New gen decks are auto-piloted for most, which isn't funny to us. 
  2. Konami make ban-lists forcing us to adopt these decks or play with less option to fight them.
  3. We understand that some players feel the need to flush money to get new shiny decks every 6 months to feel like they can stay competitive, thats fine. But why shall we pay the price for that when we worked so hard to get these banned cards mentioned in #2? Imagin if apple was to launch a program which shut down every I-phone 3-4 because now the 6 is out and plenty of people bougth it when it came out? There would be riots in the street, its kind of how we feel with YGO. 
  4. We used to play in a way where Victory was a reward for hard work and well established strategies working on 20+ turns, both things are non-existent now a day as you just do 1-2-3 1-2-3 with your archetyped deck, rinse & repeat, win in 5-10 turns. 
  5. We also wonder whats the point, where is the pleasure & fun in popping  2 XYZ + 1-2 Synchro on a 1st turn brainlessly like that? 

Also, trust me when I tell you that, people would play Pot of Greed > Graceful Charity > Delinquent Duo really lowering the average % of "fair" games, lol. 


Now before some of you start to think "oh bah he's crying" ask yourself this question, isn't there something that you liked a lot before & which you like less today because it was changed a little? It can be anything, from the flour your mom is using to bake you cookies to the way your favorite singer sings.


For my part, example;  I used to love Final Fantasy(s) I even slept in a sleeping bag in front of the video game shop in Les Champs Elysees when Final Fantasy X came out, just because there was an event there & I wanted to be one of the 1st to get in, if you ask me about final Fantasy now a day? I just don't give a damn anymore because I dislike what they did with the serie. 

#2126710 Why the hate?

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 19 May 2015 - 04:05 PM

As humans we don't want to go back, we just want to keep going forward, it's an innate instinct which is where the problem lies. So, at a certain point, there is not only the game of yugioh on DN, but also a game of whoever can get higher which explains why some players become rude and often obsessed with their rating.


That's a very good point, looking back also remind us that we all started somewhere, which goes against this feeling of being high & all mighty. 

#2126080 Why the hate?

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 19 May 2015 - 08:28 AM


It's like I always say, competition is the death of all things fun. In YGO, that concept is incredibly accurate.


You do know there are people who enjoy competition?  Some people just want to know how good they are at something and get satisfaction from being good at it, so they compete.  Are you assuming competitive players don't have fun?  It's not like they're spending hours on a game that can earn them millions, so they would have likely quit it they weren't having fun.  After all, if you can't make a living off something AND you don't find it fun, why play?


-Utter douchebags are encouraged to do what they want and nobody ever does anything about it


You're going to have to explain further.  Most cheaters are eventually banned from tournies, you can get banned from DN for harassment, etc.  If you're enough of a douche at locals or something, you will be left alone the entire time or possibly banned from the store.  There are consequences to stupid actions.  


-People are compelled to only do what it takes to win, forsaking their creativity and their ability to actually enjoy the duel


See friedchicken's post, he summarized this nicely.

As for creativity, I don't find losing repeatedly to be very fun, so I only play decks I built in Unrated, and that's because I am willing to acknowledge I'm a poor deckbuilder.  Want to know why specific decks are used over and over?  Because they are proven to be good.  I see no point putting myself at a disadvantage by purposely playing something bad like RebornPenguinHeros in rated.  


-Tier lists are made to try and downsize on different deck concepts and automatically assume anything that doesn't have a completely broken or all but entirely unstoppable combo isn't worth using


And who says people need to only use "top-tier" decks?  They show what decks are the most powerful at a given time.  In addition, most people play Yu-Gi-Oh! for fun, and are willing to experiment anyways.  


Typically speaking, most people that are overly competitive are impatient, easily angered, beyond lousy winners with how they constantly spam you with nothing but their own brains degrading further and further down the evolutionary line, and to top it all off, they become incredibly outraged when they lose. All in all, these kinds of people are the ones you want to avoid like the plague they truly are.


I agree with most of his post for the following reasons; 


When he says "Competition is the death of all things" he mean that, some players will take it way too seriously to the point of making it unbearable for others, funnily enough it happen only online, because when you play competitively in RL (Any sport or even TCGs) people will behave well simply because there will be arbiters or because the person(s) in front of you might look stronger/tougher than you are, on top even if not you might not know what to expect from them, all this forcing you to show them a minimum of respect and/or courtesy.


Don't get me wrong here, I have played some MMORPGs and the same things happen, WoW FFXI FFXIV ARR, on the endgame scene you get plenty of segregation, insult, racism, community locks where people will tell you to go kill yourself because you couldn't dodge something & died on a boss mechanic, its just how online games are.  


When he says "People are compelled to only do what it takes to win, forsaking their creativity and their ability to actually enjoy the duel" he might be referring to those who will only considers T1 decks & completely disregard other decks or label them as something else; i.e "casual?" I can totally agree with him here, I have a BA deck and I really have no fun playing with it, I originally made it because its made of Fiend monsters and I wanted to have a Fiend Themed deck for years.


Its auto-piloted and while I can win even when I derp badly, it does just give me no satisfaction at all because all I do is sending cards to the grave in the same order most of the time, to realize these very same combos (with some exceptions) to have that very same card advantage mindlessly, its like a routine... the only mystery there is the card(s) my opponent might try to play to counter, and when a deck you play don't give you any mystery or when it feel like a routine you just know that its a bad deck.


On the other hand, my g/f (who's a new player) loves it, just because she find it very simple to play and to understand.


Video games are the same, most of them a grindy routines now a day.  


When he says "Tier list are made to try & downsize on different deck concepts.... etc" he's right too and thats Konami's fault, I see cards such as Dimension Fusion which have been banned for like 7 years+ now? They used to create a meta back in the time, they could easily un-ban them to let people play around with them, while creating very good macro/D.D deck which would/could compete with the popular decks of today. Its not the players fault, but its sad to just rotate around these said "top tier" decks, when we get over 6000 playable cards. 


To finish, when he says "Typically speaking... etc" this is where I can relate with him the most, especially in RL situation where I have seen people showing off very badly, you know these people who know they won because you control no cards and have no cards in your hands to save you, and while they could finish the duel with a single direct attack they prefer to take out all their flashy big special summoned monster to attack you with 3+ of them. <-- this would probably qualify as one of the many side of the "Lousy winner" part. 


These players will generally be outraged when you give them a beat down with your "supposed to be noncompetitive" deck too, and they will start questioning the rulings of your cards in order to wiggle their way out of the situation.


I met one of these 2 days ago (Nekroz vs my Monarch, score: 1 - 3) During the middle of 3rd round I had March of the Monarch and LaDD on the my field (only these 2) and they tried to chain Book of Moon on my LaDD while using Kaleidoscope from their hand, as LaDD was my only monster and they had none they couldn't target any other monster beside LaDD. 


The guy got mad & started making up rulings about how LaDD stop continuous effects on the field, this wasn't the 1st time I saw this kind of behavior and I saw it in 2 different countries, on top these guys like to go super fast when they play and its like you're horrible when you ask them to slow down and explain what they do, its even more of a drama when you say "euh wait, actually I will chain this to your card activation.." in some situation they even call an arbiter & ask if a replay can be given, like wtf. 


Obviously Dark_Stars gave his opinion related to some of his experiences and maybe my own experiences are completely different, but this does happen and it happen more that you think on the competitive scene.

#2120308 Wheres the originality?

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 14 May 2015 - 07:36 AM

The bad mentality in this thread reeks, you guys probably never played pre 2000-2004 era if you're so convinced that the game always had meta, this game used to be original back then, surely there was cards that were used by everyone else such as MST, MF, Imperial Order, Solemn Judgement, Trap hole but these cards are/were not Meta cards, they are/were staple. 


Some decks were better for sure (Hello Yata/Zaloog lock) but they were as slow as any other deck and anyone could win if they were creating original decks and playing them using their brain cells,  I used to wreck the hell out of my opponents using Last Will & Byser Shock (for example) a simple but effective combo. Anyone could potentially go "Surprise !!" on you & whack your plays very badly with combos you would see and learn from. 


Nowaday? Yes people want to win, but what the point of fighting the exact same decks during championships? What the point of making auto driven decks such as BA? What the point of giving one deck 3 Trishula with an additional effect while taking the normal Trishula away from other decks?  


The OP is right, he is not complaining or crying like a little girl, he is expressing his opinion (which is valid) and you guys just behave like the lowest net scrubs you can find on the shittiest forums. 


Nowaday there is no real skills involved other than knowing what your opponent might do because you will do the same thing next turn. The only skilled people left are thoses who find the right equilibrium to create these decks (and its not even that hard anymore now) then you get the ship-jumpers who will just add to the bandwagon. 



And what happen after all this? You get that kind of generic bads "see below" 

There is only one thing to be said:


"Don't get bitter, just get better"


Since 'originality doesn't exist', show us your standard of it, how it will BLOWWWWWWWW everyone away! No? Okay. There's tonnes of variation that exists in this game, while most people follow a structure, doesn't mean they can't innovate on it.



Oh yes get better! Just google and netdeck any T-1 Deck you may like because you're bad if you try to make your own deck and get whacked by the 1st oyster playing Meta decks that pluses everytime they do something. 



#1934643 Suck it up! A guide to Vampire! (and discussion)

Posted by Anubis-2012 on 07 November 2014 - 06:52 AM

Welcome and thank you for reading this quick little guide related to this archetype that is Vampire! Before we start, shall we look at their history? Yes we shall! ^_^

A little bit of History..

Which Build(s)?


Anyway, lets not wait here and lets meet these Gents!







All this being said, Anubis what can I add to my deck to make it work, you say? Well, we're dealing with zombies here so there is a good list of zombie support to consider.


Vampire Vamp 




Now we can move on to the Non-vampire monsters. The staple zombie cards.




Some techs here. These cards can be run with the deck to either make it a different variant, or simply protect and stall/troll.








Extra Deck:



Other Stapples:



Other cards you may want to look at:




Spell Cards:



Monster cards:



Trap Cards:






Deck personal Feedback:




If you have any question or ideas please let me know, I'd be really grateful to have some ideas and opinion from anyone.


If you wonder why I didn't post an example or 2 of a deck here, I believe its better to teach you how to fish than giving you a fish. :)


As a single opinion has less value than multiple opinions, you can find other online vampire guides in the section below. Be aware that these guides might be a little bit out of date and contradictive to each others, but it is still worth a read. Thank you very much for your visit!



Anubis out!





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