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Beginning of Heaven and Earth question.

20 March 2017 - 02:03 PM

"Reveal 3 Warrior-Type monsters from your Deck, including at least 1 "Black Luster Soldier" monster or "Gaia The Fierce Knight" monster, and have your opponent randomly pick 1. If they picked a "Black Luster Soldier" monster or "Gaia The Fierce Knight" monster, add it to your hand and send the rest to the Graveyard. Otherwise, send them all to the Graveyard. You can only activate 1 "Beginning of Heaven and Earth" per turn."

My question being: When the cards are sent to the graveyard, are they considered to be sent from the deck or from the hand?

Thank you so much in advance!

Tribute Burial VS Charging Gaia The Fierce Knight

17 March 2017 - 10:57 PM

You cannot Special Summon for the rest of this turn. Once during this turn, you can conduct a Tribute Summon that requires 2 Tributes by banishing 1 monster from each Graveyard instead of Tributing (it is still treated as a Tribute Summon).


My question being if I have gaia in my grave, activate Tribute Burial and chose to banish Gaia, do I get its effect which allow me to search a BLS from my deck? 



(It is still treated as a Tribute Summon) is the confusing part to me, I think I know the answer but I need a confirmation;



Thanks alot in advance;  

Chaos Form Clarification for a non-english native please.

16 January 2017 - 07:38 AM

Hello, thank you so much in advance for your time.
I confirm that before posting I conducted a search online for "chaos form rulings" chaos form discussion" and chaos form clarification" . The way the card is worded confuses me.

Its text says: "This card can be used to Ritual Summon any "Chaos" or "Black Luster Soldier" Ritual Monster. You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or field and/or banish "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" or "Dark Magician" from your Graveyard, whose total Levels exactly equal the Level of the "Chaos" or "Black Luster Soldier" Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon."

My question is regarding the banishing of the monsters in the grave, is it only limited to BEWD and Dark Magician? Or can I banish 2 lv4 for the ritual summon of Black Luster Soldier - Super Soldier ? I am working on a BLS ritual deck and this card could be a decent option if it allow any monster to be banished.

Again thank you.

Floodgate Trap Hole and Monsters which activate effect upon being summoned.

08 September 2016 - 08:38 AM

Good morning/evening wherever you are from, I have been looking on google for an answer regarding the trap card Floodgate Trap Hole.

I was playing Erebus, my opponent chained Floodgate Trap Hole to my summon, now we both assumed that Erebus would not have its effect, which would be fine but I would like to be sure for future references.

So my question really is, would any of these monsters activate their effect if they are Floodgate Trap Hold'd?

- Monarchs (all of them)
- Kozmo ships which destroy a monster or S/T upon summon (Dark Destroyer/Sliprider)
- Divine Dragon Lord Felgeand / Arkbrave Dragon
- Junk Synchron/Debris Dragon
- Cyber Dragon Infinity (knowing that floodgating the 1st XYZ Cyber Dragon is an available option already)

While the answer could be obvious to some I would like to ensure I am not mistaken with the card effects.

Thank you so much in advance.

Kind Regards,

Does Superheavy Samurai Gigagloves / Flutist Target?

27 March 2016 - 04:50 AM

Greetings and thank you in advance for your help. 


I have been playing with a friend who's main deck is Super Heavy Samourai, versus my monarch deck. One of the recurring problem we have is about Giga Glove and Flutist.


The problems occurs here with these effects: 




During either player's turn, when a card or effect is activated that targets a "Superheavy Samurai" monster you control: You can banish this card from yourGraveyardnegate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card. You can only use each effect of "Superheavy Samurai Flutist" once per turn.


Giga Gloves;


You can banish this card from your Graveyard; excavate the top card of your Deck, and if it is a "Superheavy Samurai" monster, add it to your hand, and if you do, the attacking monster's ATK becomes 0. Otherwise, send it to the Graveyard.



Most of the time these 2ndary effect were used on my Caius the Mega monarch/Erebus while March of the monarch was on the field, my question is, does these 2 effects target or are they similar to Erebus effect and does not target?  


Best wishes for easter. 





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