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#2456113 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 04 February 2017 - 07:42 PM

Agreed, violent protesting is disgusting, and you have no idea how many of that shit has circulated my country, specially since 2011 onwards, courtesy of Communists and other Left-wing radical asshats.

That being said..........taking away the funds seems a bad idea. I mean ok we can agree that the security measures were sloppy and the people underprepared, but how are you gonna improve that if you also take away the funds? That seems like a contradiction there, also the University DID allow Milo to make his speech despite the controversy, if anything it got cancelled for safety concerns. So punish the University despite the fact that they let the guy talk and they weren't the ones that created the violence (since the source you used was vocal in claiming they were likely externals)? Doesn't strike me as the right move to do, from both a fair point of view and from a more logical part. 

Such a move affects more negatively than needed and it also affects the wrong people, like the students who weren't the ones to riot.

I'm just arguing the points that proponent's of Trump's move are arguing. Arguably it's more of the police's fault for not stepping in when Antifa decided to barge into the student protest (who brought in violent protestors for its black bloc protest).


Also, I'm saying the Mayor of Berkeley won't let him attend once more to give his speech and blaming him for the riot, not that Berkeley didn't allow him to go through with his speech.

#2456075 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 04 February 2017 - 01:45 PM

So, does anyone think Trump will put Antifa on a terrorist watch list for their recent activities? Will he be able to defund UC Berkeley? Some people say no about UC Berkeley, so why is it excusable for Obama to use the same threats to universities and schools not allowing transgenders into their bathroom of choice?

#2455630 What Video Games Are You Currently Playing?

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 31 January 2017 - 08:35 PM

#2454092 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 12 January 2017 - 07:07 PM

Well it is unfair. A lot of us want to be informed and Trump is picking what he wants us to hear. I still think it's the right decision though to pick Steve Bannon. The things he says are more helpful to this country and people. Not sure why he has to be racist or far right-wing but maybe the country is just so far-left cause of the previous adminstration that this might balance it out a bit. This country needs saving, people need some decency back and good morals, and if racism or religion or whatever helps then I'm a be for it.

>Implying that if racism and forcing religion down peoples throats helps the country, it should be done.

>Doesn't understand what has been happening since the 60s.

>Thinks it's OK for such horseshit to happen.



Instead, how about you argue about the credibility of whether Steve Bannon is a white supremacist or not instead of saying you'll accept whatever comes from the Trump Administration even if it may be racially charged or something to shove religion down other peoples' throats? For example, why doesn't Betty DeVos raise questions when she wants to cut money from public schools to make private school vouchers, when most of the private schools in America are theocratic in nature? This should raise concerns as this could be seen as a clear violation of the separation of the church and the state.


Don't get me wrong, I would much rather prefer a voucher system, but only for secular private institutions.


I don't see the racism in Steve Bannon, it's not even there that much. What they call racism is just putting the country first and then somehow they label that as racism. Steve also accuses a bunch of the media puppets for being jewish, which is a fact, they're disproportionately jewish, the big 5 tv media stations are all owned by jewish oligarchs, it's not a coincidence or racist to say that. Btw the KKK leader endorsed Hillary not Trump. A former KKK member endorsed Trump, so if you think the alt-right is racist then maybe take a look at where the real racists currently stand with.


KKK Leaders endorsed both, but it could easily be a fake endorsement to slander Hillary; it wouldn't make sense for white supremacists voting for someone who says they will attempt to help minorities. Also, just because people working under a certain industry happen to be disproportionately Jewish doesn't mean it is not anti-Semitic to accuse someone of being Jewish.

#2451854 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 19 December 2016 - 06:52 PM

And many thanks to the Electorate College for shitting the will of the populace and elect up the greatest demagogue seen ever. Incoming 4 years of absolute shit, including but not limited to: misogyny, racism, anti-religious sentiment, a pass on contamination, unpredictable behaviour, a swamp-filled cabinet, and the likely worst of it all? A Russian government.


Yeap sounds like "promising" 4 years alright......

If you want to be technical, our Representative Democracy is going through with the will of the people. Is it fucked up that Clinton didn't win despite the popular vote being slightly in her favor? Yep. Is it worth causing protest, political instability and riots to change the election in the favor or Clinton or a candidate who didn't even make it to the ballot? No.


Besides, in all reality you can win most elections in the US by hitting up population centers like NYC.


Now, in regards of accusation of racism and misogyny, there's no way he can possibly enforce any laws that go with that without either getting impeached or causing a huge backlash. (And before you say deportation and not accepting refugees, for starters, he's targeting illegal immigrants and secondly, we cannot properly vet refugees in, and I don't want the ability for religious fundamentalists to get into this country).


Secondly, anti-religious sentiment isn't necessarily a bad thing in a liberal democracy. No amount of religious values should be enforced into law, nor should there be tolerance to religious extremists who may threaten the government itself or threaten any citizen of the government.


Also, there isn't any real proof in regards to hacking the election, but some for the DNC emails. Just because Trump wants to repair relations with Russia doesn't mean it's a "Russian Government"; we need to stop treating Russia as a scapegoat for everything in this country. The only reason why Democrats are saying the election was rigged is because they lost, which is hypocritical especially when the scorned and mocked Trump for saying he might not accept the election results if he loses.




You are a moron. Sorry, but that is the absolute truth.


Women's rights mean equality, not Trump's sexist attitude based on appearances. It means that a woman can do as well as a man. The Republicans have constantly played the "nasty woman" trope, despite Trump being the clear victor in the nasty competition. THAT is your hypocrisy.


The terrorists are being dealt with by all Liberal democracies in the world. The story that they don't is more of your fake news bullshit. We liberals, however, have come to the realization that violence breeds more violence, and are exploring means to break that cycle. Clearly, you cannot understand this and voted in a strongman.


I care about the environment, yes, and care about bringing jobs back. These are not mutually exclusive, and digging for coal is not as great a job as the miners tell you it is. Instead, there is great money to be made and future money to be saved by exploring renewable energy infrastructure options. The building, maintaining and operating of that infrastructure will bring far better quality jobs than sending someone miles down into the earth. The other problem is the fact that the jobs you refer to are no longer viable due to technological advancements. So, instaed of clinging to the jobs that your family did; explore other options. There is no sense in sticking to a country town where you cannot support yourself because there is no work; yet this is where Trump's support comes from. These people are not willing to consider moving, when that option may ve the best thing that can happen to them. Their decision, right?


And i find it very rich that you claim I support rape, you wanker. I am not calling you a fucking nazi hillbilly, right?


Arguably it depends on the Republican we're talking about. Most conservatives do want equality for women, but already see them as equal (especially by citing the Equal Pay Act of 1963) amongst other things. It's the theoconservatives and/or alt-Right movement in the Republican party we need to worry about.


Arguably, it's not that violence breeds more violence and more of us leaving a power vacuum in the shit holes we have created, in which the bloodiest faction will take control over. These islamic extremist factions only know the language of force, and nothing will change until they are either subdued by a dictatorship Assad-style or we actually make sure there isn't a power vacuum next time and then create a new government, preferably a Democracy. Granted, this shit would've never happened if the US and the UK didn't twiddle their thumbs and create Israel.


As for energy, I see no reason to detriment the coal industry as much as it has been by Obama's regulations, while at the same time we need to support green energy. Even if we cannot use the coal ourselves once green energy takes over, it doesn't mean we can't trade it to developing countries and China for money. In reality I want to remove most government subsidies towards oil and coal and let it compete with green energy.

#2446207 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 07 November 2016 - 05:10 PM

Fourth, humans are social beings by nature, lest you believe you can believe in your house completely isolated from the rest of the world, then do not expect your country to isolate itself either. What the US does, AFFECTS the world, period. What my country does can affect its neighbours and vice-versa IS true. So STOP dreaming on a fantasy world where you can be absolutely self-sustaining and where you can isolate yourself from everybody else, it literally won't happen and it would be ridiculous to be even do and not worth even analysing no matter how much you hate globalism, trade of all kind (economical, cultural, political, etc.) has been a human activity since the Stone Age up to the PRESENT day, so your proposition of cutting yourself from the world because "globalism" not only it is wrong, but inadequate and also ridiculous and not worth even analysing since interaction is HOW human societies develop, deal with it.

While I don't really agree with isolation, globalization has done a great number to our country economically (I.E NAFTA). The main problem people are talking about is economic globalization. I do believe we need to take some steps away from it, but not too much. I'd say we should start with a tariff on goods coming from countries with no environmental regulations and worker's rights and/or protections, as these countries can easily beat us in any competition in regards to manufacturing, and also a tariff on foreign oil. The US is a one of the biggest oil producing countries, why do we need to rely on foreign oil when we can get it from our own companies?


Another thing to consider is job outsourcing. Often times it's easier to outsource a job to someone in another country without these labor protections because they are payed substandard wages. For example, if you're an IT company, would you rather pay someone $7.50 an hour, or outsource it to another country such as India, where they get paid way less? This should also be stopped if the country does not have labor protections/worker's rights and environmental protections.


Social globalization isn't that much of an issue, however. Most people are mainly irked with economic globalization.


Anyways, anyone prepared for the apocalypse tomorrow?

#2439306 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 08 October 2016 - 10:53 AM

I could care less about the guy's morals in business and with women the same way you could care less about Hillary's Luciferian buddy and her evil socialist agenda. You know I didn't know the policies and issues like economy and defense came second after personal image or aka 'political correctness'.


Btw I called it right on Hilary before, she is totally sick and bonkers. Everything Trump is saying I said it before, the Hillary being crazy and sick, the Obama being lax on purpose against Isis, everything Trump says is true. A person like Hillary would typically want to make everyone else sick too. One more corporatist butthole like Obama/Bush/Clinton and the country really is finished.



Pick one.

#2439144 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 07 October 2016 - 05:19 PM

I don't know know where you guys get that reptile stuff from, just saying it's quite possible that's all. I mean she hanged out Saul Alinsky and some socialist views and he helped her write a thesis on his book. Saul Alinsky btw dedicated the book to Lucifer. https://en.m.wikiped...m_senior_thesis
Ben Carson before he dropped out was one of the few people digging up dirt on Hillary and funny enough he said the same things I did, which kind of amazed me.

You do realize that in Rules for Radicals, he acknowledged Lucifer as the first "radical" and offers no real discussion to Satan himself, as here on politifact for that exact same Ben Carson statement. This lack of either research is quite disturbing; maybe you should lay off those conspiracy theories.

#2439025 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 07 October 2016 - 09:02 AM

Thank you for posting this. I thought I woke up in an alternate reality where right-wing conspiracy theories were actually true. God, am I relieved that that is not the case. 

Are you sure about that? Clearly because I pointed that out I must by one of the HRC shillbots running around on Reddit, right? :kappa:

#2439023 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 07 October 2016 - 08:54 AM

Atleast Trump doesn't take advice from a Luciferian/socialist(the evil kind that wants to take everything from everyone and give back nothing), and wants to kill opponents. Atleast Trump isn't so sick he can't walk nor does he have a stupid maniacal laugh that's creepy. Why not give him a chance? It's been like what over 50 years of nothing but evil people in charge, any slim chance of change I'd take it.

Alright guys, you heard it! Clinton is an evil Luciferian Third-Worldist that will get a drone to airstrike your current position for disagreeing with her. Also, clearly everyone is evil and must be a reptilian for the Illuminati.


By chance, do you have anything to back up anything in your first paragraph? Most of it seems like conspiracy theories.

#2436346 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 25 September 2016 - 03:57 PM

I stopped taking you seriously the moment you were comparing hypotheticals to actual history. Never in the history of humanity has there been a society on either end of the spectrum that was without a leader than was, by some extension, better than the rest of the people. It's unavoidable, but 99% of society can live by the same governing rules, and it is by circumstance of living within a government that we're unable to live without leaders having more privilege. The only way that's avoidable is by arnarchism, in which case even less is attainable.

As far as communes go, I should have said communities but for the sake of context I avoided it since communities exist in both capitalist and communist economic structures. That isn't apparent without my elaboration apparently (so here's my elaboration on what I had intended to convey), but these societies shared arguably the most valuable resource at the time/ for their social transition state, being food, which prior to Europe's industrial revolution was also commonly the most important resource. Post-industrial Revolution resources were allocated towards steel production and development of better agricultural technologies as a means to dedicate a stronger workforce towards secondary sector activities, followed by other economic sectors as we've come into recent modernization (tertiary, quanternary, and quinary activities).

I didn't say compare hypotheticals to history, I said that Theocracy is against Communism because Communism, the ideology, is heavily against religion, that we did not know the economic policies of the Inca/Aztec/Maya but we knew they were monarchies (and thus calling it communism would be idiotic because we don't even know the economic policies of these civilizations). You cannot have a theocratic state and communism. Ever. Most communist states had enforced state atheism (China being an example, but the new constitution added limited freedom of religion) and I'm pretty sure Cuba is another one who did enforce it but not doesn't. Communists see religion as imperialist and often tried at great lengths to remove it, such as the Cultural Revolution in China. I never said there was a country/etc where leaders had the same amounts of privilege as the normal citizens.


You're also trying to insinuate that a caste system, in any way, is not against the doctrines of Communism. For fucks sake, a caste system is literally a class system. You try arguing that communism can have a caste system in /r/communism and every single user would put your ass on blast.


While yes, some of them did share food, that is like saying welfare makes a country communist. Clearly the USA is the paragon of communist thought.

#2435350 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 21 September 2016 - 03:49 PM

Trump will make America great again :D
I already bought the hat and everything, I'm down to see him win yea!
If irl is anything like Civ V, owning a hotel business should make Donald really want to make America great again, hotels make money when everyone and the country is doing well. Btw I called it right on Hilary before, she is totally sick and bonkers. Everything Trump is saying I said it before, the Hillary being crazy and sick, the Obama being lax on purpose against Isis, everything Trump says is true. A person like Hillary would typically want to make everyone else sick too. One more corporatist butthole like Obama/Bush/Clinton and the country really is finished. Obama has voqwed to sell off the country some time this year with TPP even though everyone is against it. He vetoed the bill that would reject it and the senate that's of course bought out want it passed. Still a slim margin to stop TPP in the house of representatives but people would somehow have to called the up.

>Floods thread with conspiracy theories about banks and how they're linked to Democratic candidates.

>Says Trump is poor.

>Doesn't realize Trump is literally a CEO who used to send money to candidates.

>Most conspiracies spouted were left-wing conspiracies.

>Still voting Trump


Because clearly Trump can't ever be in the wrong, right? :kappa:

#2432449 Post your shitty Political Compass results here

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 10 September 2016 - 09:42 PM

Please, use the website at the bottom. The official political compass test is biased towards left-leaning libertarians.


Example result (Mine):




  1. Take the quiz here.
  2. Post results.
  3. Enjoy.


#2429102 Accurate Political Compass

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 27 August 2016 - 09:26 PM

State capitalism best capitalism

You see, comrade, decentralized chomskiananarchomolotovcocktailism is best political ideology!

#2425616 Sanger's Pub - Come Drink and Chat

Posted by Thepowaofhax on 16 August 2016 - 07:57 PM

here is some cringey videos for the hillary lovers


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