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Of course YGOPro > Duel Links in your smartphone in my opinion. I would download later Duel Links in the Play Store later and test it out but for me nothing can beat YGOPro... Updated 22 Jan · 2 comments

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Hi I'm Emolga_18 a Filipino Duelist. Emolga rocks and it's one of my favorite Pokemon. Pokemon rules! Don't underestimate me... I love it when I Topdeck my needed Card! Persona rocks! Naoto Shirogane! Persona 4: Golden rocks! A WWE avid fan! Minion fever! DOA rocks! Team Plasma rocks! Otaku for life! Emolga for life! Miku FTW!! Chobits the best!! Vocaloid for life!! Strike The Blood rules!! So much Anime that has feels haha... Golden Time FTW!!!! Nisekoi, one of the best Romance Animes out there!!! I want to play Grand Chase again haha... Akame ga Kill FTW!!! Black Bullet, one of the most epic Animes ever even though it's short. Grisaia no Kajitsu, one of the best Visual Novels out there and the Anime is pretty sweet too. LoL rocks and Tristana too cute haha... Clannad one of the best Romance Animes out there haha... Outbreak Company, my new favorite Anime! Twintails rocks! You definitely need an Absolute Duo in your side! Wants to play the piano and violin so badly haha... #TeamOnodera! I want to watch Pokemon again so badly haha... Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, one of the best feels ever haha... Support for life! Cardcaptor Sakura... The nostlagia is real... Proud fan of SKT T1 Telecom! Hyperdimension Neptunia rocks! Kingdom Hearts longtime fan! Playing Star Ocean once again. Support/ADR role in League for life! Erased Anime, the feels is so strong! Toradora!, one of those Animes that are great with comedy, romance and drama! It's so fun to cosplay! Oh men Re: Zero is such a great Anime! I recommend it! Season 2 of No Game No Life please! #TeamMystic for life! Proud fan of the Final Fantasy series! Bungo Stray Dogs what an underrated Anime... People should watch it more! I definitely recommend it! Playing Persona 4 Golden again so fun! Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart such a great game! I really like Romance Animes!

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Co-Founder, Captain, Tester and Semi-Deck Maker at Team [VS] Volt Switch.

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    I love Emolga. I like Dueling. RPGs. Bible studying. Interacting with people. WWE. Social Networking. Teams. Bioshock Infinite. PS Vita. Engineering. Minions. Dead Or Alive (DOA). Anime. Wars. Christmas. Vocaloid. Chobits. Strike The Blood. Golden Time. Nisekoi. Cosplayers. Marika Tachibana. Akame ga Kill!. Black Bullet. Grisaia no Kajitsu. LoL. Clannad. Outbreak Company. Twintails. Duos. Piano. Violin. Twins. Pokemon. Your Lie In April. Support. Cardcaptor Sakura. SKT T1 Telecom. Hyperdimension Neptunia. Kingdom Hearts. Star Ocean. White Chicks. Erased. Toradora!. Cosplaying. Re: Zero. No Game No Life. Team Mystic. Final Fantasy XIII. Bungo Stray Dogs. Persona series. Hyperdevotion Noire.


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