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In Topic: macro cosmos vs qliphort

27 December 2014 - 11:01 AM

Ok but why is my question

You may use this link for reference: http://forum.dueling...dulum-vs-macro/


Hope this helps.


Basically the reason why is because (From the link): Both Macro Cosmos and Pendulum Cards Game Mechanics say "When cards are send to the Graveyard, move them ... instead".

Basically Macro wants to Banish them, and the Pendulums want to go to the Extra Deck.
Now, there is a rule in Yugioh, that if there is doubt thanks to 2 similar effects between card effects and game mechanics, the Card's Effect takes effect over the Game Mechanic.
In this case, Macro Cosmos will win, and the Pendulums are Banished instead of being send to the Extra Deck.

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