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✫ Pup's Card Sleeve Factory ✫ ~ Showcase [Closed]

25 December 2015 - 09:32 AM

                                                    Greetings and welcome to my card sleeve factory.
   The GFX section is in demand for card sleeve artists at this point in time so I thought I should be bring my artistic skills to DNF and hopefully revive the GFX section like other GFX artists are doing even if it's just little progress.
                                                                Closed for taking requests.
Note: OP is subject to change. Also, if I am swamped with requests, I will temporarily close the thread so I can catch up to those patiently waiting for those who have requested previously. Any request made after closing the thread this way WILL be ignored. Please wait till I open the thread when I am free for more requests to be posted.


Be sure to read the GFX rules before requesting: http://forum.dueling...cs-forum-rules/


                                                      -  Requesting Format  -  
                                                                1: Render
                                                                2: Border (Optional. Regular or steel border.)
                                                                3: Text (Optional. No profanity or inapporpriate text. Must be short - 3 words is the limit.)
                                                                4: Style (C4D or Stock.)
                                                         -  Requesting Rules  -
Rule #1: When requesting for a card sleeve, DO NOT rush me. It takes time to make sure that the sleeves are in top high quality condition and rushing me WILL NOT make your request go faster. 
Rule #2: I have the right to decline your request if a render is not in high quality, cut off, or unusable. I will not search a render for you. Be sure when you are requesting you make sure that a render is in high quality.
Rule #3: One request per user at a time.
Rule #4: Only make a request here and not in a PM. I won't read PM requests.
The following people are exempt from these rules in the spoiler below. They may ask for more than one request at a time, allowed to pm me requests, and may have me find a render for them. However, be mindful for other's work in progress when requesting more than 1 request. Also, please be patient for your work could take some time:




Feel free to comment and leave feedback of my work. Stay tuned for more of my card sleeve art!

[LMSS] Limitless VS [PT] Plasma Torch - {Cancelled}

12 November 2015 - 04:40 PM

War Link: view here
Deadline: 30 days
Format: Crossfire (Double)

Team A Roster:

  • mishapen x eno (2)
  • sharkallon (2)
  • DarkRiku21 (2)
  • Eu~ (2)
  • dbzgonzalez (2)

Team B Roster:

  • chris5462 (2)
  • gerry--90//(gerry--90cant befree on DN) (2)
  • blackwing18 (2)
  • MattK (2)
  • The British Hero (2)



Round 1:

[PT] Plasma Torch VS [SPA] Sky Parameters - {SPA wins}

09 November 2015 - 01:22 PM

War Link: view here
Deadline: 30 days
Format: Hearts (Double)

Team A Roster:

Plasma Torch Hearts (5)

Team B Roster:

Sky Parameters Hearts (8)



Round 1: dbzgonzalez (2) vs {Judgment}Nova (1)

Round 2: Eu~ (1) vs DarkBlackTornado (2)

Round 3: DarkRiku21 (1) vs Atsuka (2)

Round 4: Eu~ (1) vs lightshaver (2)

Round 5: dbzgonzalez (2) vs Atsuka (1)

Round 6: dbzgonzalez (1) vs Atsuka (2)

Round 7: Power up (0) vs PlasmicPaladin (2)

[LMSS] Limitless VS [KORT] Knights of The Round Table - {Cancelled}

13 September 2015 - 10:59 AM

War Link: view here
Deadline: 30 days
Format: Crossfire (Double)








Round 1:  #freerocco (1) vs kiddkuda2010 (2)

Round 2: gerry--90cant befree (2) vs DT MR.A. (1)

Round 3: gerry--90cant befree (0) vs kiddkuda2010 (2)

Round 4: gerry--90cant befree (2) vs kiddkuda2010 (1)

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