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(OTP) Adriofay

(OTP) Adriofay

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Just got back from Singapore, AFASG sure was fun! Updated 10 Nov · 2 comments

About Me

Hello, if you're reading this then you must be stalking my profile /.

Pic Of Me:

IRL Stuff:
My Real Name Is Adrio FAresi Yusharyahya. You could call me adriofay,adrio or just fay
Just a regular duelist from Jakarta,Indonesia.
Currently a High School Student in his Senior Year.
I am a Phenomenologist if you know what that means o.O
See everything from the Functionalist Perspective :P
Love Hockey,Swimming and Ping-Pong(The only sport i can do :/)
Blue Belt In Tae Kwon Do
Almost a Kumon Completers (Quit at Level M)
I really love Airsoft and Paintball.
I watch lots of animes and cartoon in my spare time.

Yugioh Stuff:
Co-Leader Of [DRED] Dreadnought
Former Captain Of [OTP] One Tail Pirates and [AH] Assault Hero
Personal War Record 65-21
I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh since 2004 i think..
I started playing competitive at September 2011
I do lots of Anime duel in Traditional

Current Pokemon Party In Black 2:
Chikorita (Level 100 originally from Heart Gold)
Charizard (Level 96 originally from Fire Red)
Salamence (Level 94 originally from Sapphire)
Swampert (Level 96 originally from Emerald)
Lucario (Level 91 traded from a friend in Platinum)
Eeelektros (Level 85 originally from White)

Posted Image
Top Dog:

Duel with Xteven:

Some Unofficial Tourney I am In 2012:

Hosted Tourney/Championship:

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    Jakarta, Indonesia
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    Facebook: {content} Adrio Faresi Yusharyahya
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    Twitter: @{content} @adriofay
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    YouTube: {content} adrios212
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    Skype: {content} adriofay
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