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I don't know if it's physically possible for me to ever get enough Caro Emerald in my life Updated 13 Mar · 2 comments

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    -WATER, especially: Frogs, Gishki, Mermail, Atlantean, Cloudian, some Ice Barriers, anything with Frost and Flame Dragon, Penguins, Sharks, Fishborg, Gigo, Ice Counter, Daedalus, Umi, Burgesstoma, Dinomists, Nekroz, Aqua Actresses if they ever get more support, various standalone WATERs

    -Machine, especially: Karakuri, Mecha Peanut Butter, anything with x<500 ATK, Synchron, Geargia, Ancient Gear, XYZs over rank 8, Gadgets with Jumbo Drill and Digvorzhak King of Heavy Machinery, Jinzo, VWXYZ, Gradius, Gun Dragons, Robolady/yarou, Morphtronics, Genex Synchros, BES, various Cybers, Superheavies, Qli, Deskbot, various standalone Machines

    -Fiend, especially: Dark World, Archfiend, anything that can use Dark Fusion/Dark Calling, Fabled, Umbralis, Djinn, Burning Abyss, D/D, Tour Guide (q_q), Resonators, various standalone Fiends

    -Others: Prophecy, Spellbook and all variations, Scrap, Dragon Ruler, Red-Eyes, Blue-Eyes, Hieratics, Vylons, Earthbound, Evol, Naturia, Rituals in general, Tribute Summoning, Skull Servant, Gem-Knights, Noble Knight, "C", Plant Princesses, , Heart-Earth, Rescue Rabbit, Inzektor Synchro, SHARK DRAKE VEISS, Rank 5-7, Level 7+ Spirits, HEROs, Kuriboh, Symphonic Warrior, Stardust, Darklord, Charmers and extensions, Beast Sphinxes, Ojamas, Chain Beat, Def OTK, Shaddolls, Empowered, others I'm forgetting

    Hating on decks:
    -Battlin' Boxer, Lavals, Fire Kings, Rank-Up, Battle Phase skippers (both for self and opponent), cards that depend on your opponent to work, Heroics, Bounzers, Gustos, Zubaba, Nordics, most Utopia-based cards, destroyed by battle effects, Steelswarm, Digital Bugs, Raidraptors, Cardians, others I'm forgetting

    Decks I used to hate but now appreciate, maybe even like:
    -Chronomaly, Constellar, Evilswarm, Ninjas, Jurrac, Chaos, Dinorabbit, Lightsworn, literally every type of Extra Deck monster, Rituals, Star Seraphs, Gagaga, Dododo, Agent, Tellars, Zefra, others I'm forgetting


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    Skype: {content} cleverguineapig
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