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#2458368 [TCG] Pendulum Evolution

Posted by frenzyhero on 23 February 2017 - 06:15 PM

lol cant believe they expect this to sell well considering Links kills this deck

#2458151 [OCG] Effects for the Next VJump Subscription Promos

Posted by frenzyhero on 22 February 2017 - 06:05 AM

gimmick and garb.

#2457558 Link Monsters Discussion and Analysis

Posted by frenzyhero on 17 February 2017 - 06:57 PM

ygo will be a completely new game, so anything that looks 'unplayable' to you might actually be unplayable only in the game's current state. @frenzyhero

In other words give it 2 years for the power creep.

Like with Dragon Ruler. Or even Pendulum.


Why cant we just go back to Return of the Duelist



Set rotation is a perfectly fine way to keep a game balanced.

And the sole purpose of power creep is to make money, too.


Set rotation keeps power creep in check, while keeping the game balanced. The players get the balanced game, the company gets money, it's a win win. Not to mention, there's nothing prohibiting separate format duels, other than Konami's lack of support of this game, especially compared to MtG.

#2457524 Link Monsters Discussion and Analysis

Posted by frenzyhero on 17 February 2017 - 04:59 PM

Anything in Comic-Sans Yellow is still perfectly operable. Please screw yourself.

Nol just fuck off and play the actual decks you highlighted. You've obviously never played YZ, 3Axis, WW, Harpie...

Well the list just goes fucking on. You've not played a single goddamn thing if you think they're still playable. Pull your head out of your ass for literally 1 goddamn second of the day.

#2457515 Link Monsters Discussion and Analysis

Posted by frenzyhero on 17 February 2017 - 04:32 PM

I dont mind the Scale rule since Pendulum got so much free advantage anyway


but why cant we have Link monsters, AND summon Extra Deck monsters normally


Honestly if they just said to me that they were going to flat reset the game I'd have been okay with it, but this is just spitting in our faces.


It's easier to count the decks that this DOESN'T ruin.


I'll go down the list.


Here's what you can't play. Yeah, you already couldn't play very very many of these competitively, but now they're not even playable, and can't execute their main strategy designed for them.






Ancient Gear

Zombie yep



Synchro. Just any 5Ds Synchro deck are all killed by this. /AM is one of the few exceptions, but they aren't REALLY a Synchro Deck, they're a Castle deck, really.

That includes Psychic, Ice Barrier, Plants, Flamvell, Fabled, Scrap, Archfiend, KARA-FUCKING-KURI, Nordic, Vylon, Worm, TG, Resonator.

Onto Xyz Era.


Crashbug looking bad huh






Infernity (even more unplayable. Haha, this was just a ruse to kill Infernity EVEN MORE!)


Gagaga/Gogogo and what have you, etc sort of decks




Crystal Beast still unplayable, oh for fucks sake there's still more to go



Reaper Prophecy



Heraldic Beast




Super Defense Robo






RUM. Seriously, as this rule is written, RUM is an illegal activation now.

Hazy Flame




Yang Zing

Burning Abyss








Ritual Beast

Superheavy Samurai oh my god I'm still going










Bujin (duuuuh, castle still works, but castle Bujin SUCKS, and it's not as good as Ascension).



Shiranui (again, literally every single Zombie deck ever made)



Buster Blader







Trains mofo

Magnet Warrior




Cipher (even more than it was lel)

Wind Witch

Super Quantum

Lyrical Luscina



AND THESE ARE JUST THE 'SPOON-FED' DECKS. These are just the decks that were designed from the ground up by Konami to do a very specific thing, and that's to spam multiple Extra Deck monsters on the field. And these are unplayable. There's even more that I can't list, since I can't access my DN Decks anymore, but they dwarf even the above list.

#2457434 [V Jump] New Rules

Posted by frenzyhero on 17 February 2017 - 11:41 AM

Get one sent to the Graveyard and then use something like Soul Charge (maybe Monster Reborn will be unbanned because of this) to bring it back into a Monster Zone.

oh fuck off with this

that's not viable

#2455848 Pokemon Sun and Moon Official Discussion Thread

Posted by frenzyhero on 02 February 2017 - 09:10 PM

I'd rather scarf that Mance.

Unless it's Singles.

scarf seems bad, except if its singles

z draco meteor hits hard


Anyway, a new glitch is out. Get berries, treasures, max level, and max evs in about a minute from the Pelago. Discovered by /vp/.



I told you goddammit.

#2455742 I Was A Victim By A User

Posted by frenzyhero on 01 February 2017 - 10:14 PM



It's no gain, no loss. Move on, nobody would even notice or care. How does that make you an idiot, as it was beyond your control.


Here were the possible outcomes.


A- You go to movies with her, become a couple, happy end.

B- Go to movies, don't continue, happy end, still got a date.

C- Accept, and don't go to movies, don't become a couple, nothing changed, so it's a neutral end.

D- Reject, and don't go to movies, you anger yourself because instead of potentially going to spend time with a friend, you stayed alone instead. Bad end.


If you are worried that she gossips about how she "used" you, nobody worthwhile pays attention to that sort of gossip, because it always comes off as egotistical.

#2454742 Marcel Burri: Early 2017 Forbidden & Limited Card List Speculation

Posted by frenzyhero on 22 January 2017 - 03:01 AM

Man Im so sick of reading about fucking Terrortop limits, only fucking idiots think Terrortop is unhealthy. It's Taketomborg that's the fucking issue, and Taketomborg will ALWAYS lurk as a threat. If you just ban Taketomborg, Terrortop loses ALL of its power outside of Speedroid. But Taketomborg can still exist in future WIND decks as a better One for One.


You want a card that limits design? Taketomborg prevents any good WIND synchros from being made. If you're just worried about the TopBorg free R3 combo, then Taketomborg is clearly the problem card. There's no reason to make SR absolutely 100% unplayable in all of its forms at even the most casual of levels just because you're too stupid to realize that you're not hitting the real problem.


And not only that, but it's also only an issue because MX. MX is already a suspect card that limits R3 spam, it's already had leagues of FTKs associated with it, albeit many not viable. That's also a limit on your EARTHs you can make.


Terrortop is the stupidest fucking hit you can make. Both MX and Taketomborg are far more unhealthy than Terrortop, who is only enabled by these two cards.


Look. If you hit Taketomborg or Invoker, either one of them, then Terrortop is useless outside of Speedroid. If you hit Terrortop, Taketomborg and MX will still limit

R3 spam


WIND spam


That's both a large part of the game, and a still very underrepresented part of the game. The only competitive low rank Xyz deck to ever exist has been BA. Earth BW/W hasn't been competitive since Samurai, even Madolche weren't strong and were power creeped quickly, and WIND has been shit for so long, especially WIND synchro which has zero power that isn't named Crystal Wing.


Get rid of Taketomborg so we can start making good cards. Terrortop isn't the issue.


I swear to god you people have a kindergartner's level of cause/effect understanding when you say stupid shit like Terrortop being the problem.


And I won't even get into that Terrortop was beginning to lose playrate quickly in favour of Eidolon before the banlist even came out.






You want to ban Vanity but keep Dimensional Barrier.


That alone should speak of how bad your opinion is. You don't need more than 1 turn, and it being a continuous with self-destruct makes it easy to counter and can really shit on you. There is no counter to DB, it's the most unhealthy card to release since SB Judgement.


Edit 2


Seriously you just flip it in the late game and you win. At least with Vanity you need to flip it with a solid board, you dont even need that with DB, and monster removal works for Vanity removal too, not DB. There's no response to DB. Have you even used this card? It's too flexible and just destroys everything.

#2454171 [SR04] More Dinos From the Poster

Posted by frenzyhero on 14 January 2017 - 03:19 AM

Oviraptor is fucking busted, way too much utility.


In case you missed it...


It can mill itself.

It can SS itself.

It can destroy an opponent's monster.

It has no restrictions on what you can do.


IE free Rank 4 that pops an opponent's monster, and is an 1800 DARK.

#2453537 Memorial to PewDiePie

Posted by frenzyhero on 05 January 2017 - 03:59 AM

kek cant believe you kids thought he was going to just throw away a multimillion dollar business in "protest"

#2453459 SC Loan Shark

Posted by frenzyhero on 04 January 2017 - 04:25 AM

Loan Shark

Rank 4/WATER/Fish/Xyz

2 Level 4 monsters


If this card would be destroyed, you can banish 1 card from your hand or field until the end of the next turn, instead. You can detach 1 Xyz Material; Activate one of the following effects. You can only use 1 effect of "Loan Shark" each turn, and only once that turn.

  • Draw 1 card.
  • Draw 2 cards at the end of the next turn.


#2452204 Forbidden/Limited List: TCG Winter 2016-2017 Prediction

Posted by frenzyhero on 21 December 2016 - 11:07 PM

since most of the best warriors it can search are gone (Stratos and Shurit) or irrelevant.

That's irrelevant.

Shurit and Stratos have their own searchers anyway.


That's the problem with cards like ROTA.


The decks that make that extra searching a problem, like HERO, Tellar, Nekroz, already have a shit load of searching.


The decks that are going to be meta are already going to have ways to access their cards, regardless of generic search power like ROTA. All restricting ROTA does is boost the meta decks that have in-theme searching, and trash the ones that don't. Restricting generic cards like ROTA or Allure only further increase the power gap between Konami's cookie cutter decks, and player-made decks.



This is the main thing I hate about F/L.


Slippery slope.


"Oh ROTA should stay limited because something might release to break it"

"Bahamut should be banned because something might release to break it"


No. No, just no. Because that's generic support. You're going to release something fucking stupid like Treatoad, then ban Bahamut Shark because you're too fucking stupid to not release broken cards in the first place, when Bahamut Shark is a completely fair and balanced card.


You can't take Card A, introduce Card B later, then say Card A is busted, independent of Card B, because it was only busted thanks to Card B. The fallacy exists because there is potentially infinite Card Bs in that scenario.


So you just don't fucking release cards that are broken. Card B is broken, not Card A. Card A can't be broken, because Card A was never designed around any kind of interaction that Card B presents, while Card B was INTENDED to do that. And if it wasn't intended, then that only further cements Card B as being the busted card.


If something is released that "breaks" another card, then Card A isn't broken, Card B is, and the card should be restricted accordingly.


The exception is archetype support.


If a generic card later releases that supports an archetype, and it's revealed this later card breaks that archetype, then it's not the generic card's fault, it's a poorly designed archetype, and you should keep the power level of the rest of the game consistent with that new card, and restrict the archetype accordingly.


Edit 2-

This might seem just to be nitpicky and hating on archetypes, but it needs to be like that, since the game is constantly being power creeped. If you reduce power for an entire grouping of cards because of ONE archetype (or in this case, deck type), then that group will be dramatically set back and will likely not see any sort of power for many years. IE FUCKING PSYCHICS. 


Psychics are a perfect example of an entire type (and deck) which were rendered completely unplayable for many years thanks to an unrelated deck which barely even used a specific card, Emergency Teleport. I'm talking about Tele-DAD. Tele-DAD wasn't even fucking focused on Emergency Teleport and would have been competitive without the card, as we saw in the OCG, which was even a far superior version, in Zombie-DAD.


Because of this restriction, you couldn't play Psychics. Just at all. You couldn't play Naturias, so they missed their time to shine, because the Deck, while designed with a restricted E-Tele in mind, needed the card for any speed to make any sort of fast Synchro.


You had zero low-level tuners that could be splashed, except Bulb, because none could be Summoned easily. You basically only had Junk Synchron and Debris Dragon, and whatever archetype tuners Konami gave you. Spore wasn't really generic, and as we know, this entire lack of solid tuners gave rise to the plant engine, another deck type that was ruined for years because of "scapegoat" restrictions. It wasn't Lonefire or Dandylion's fault, it was Debris Dragon, which broke Dandylion, with constant reuse for large power swings.


Nowadays two of those three cards are completely irrelevant and they have practically no power. Lonefire is still a card to watch, because Konami might release a broken plant that can be searched by it. But again, that's not Lonefire, since Lonefire's current pool is fine. If Lonefire can suddenly search a broken card, that's not Lonefire, that's the just card that Lonefire searches being broken.


Edit 3-

A more recent example, Dragon Rulers, Dragon Ravine...

Obviously, Dragon Rulers were overpowered as shit for their time. Dragon Ravine was seen as the reason why they were strong. It was apart of the reason, granted. It let your colours come online too easily.


However, what would have happened if you kept the Rulers and banned Ravine?


Are you just not going to ever release any other card that traded a card in hand for another card in the Deck, while placing 1 of those cards in the Grave? That's such a stupid restriction.


Or are you just not going to ever make any more dragons that create large instant advantage swings by simply existing in the graveyard?


Konami picked the first one initially, and almost immediately realized how retarded it was. Because Dragon Ravine was affected, it completely destroyed any playability Dragunity would ever have, and they missed their time in the spotlight after their only other time was overshadowed by another comparatively overpowered deck, and without any massively overpowered cards, will never see competition ever again.


Which brings me to Gusto.


Gusto, when it had access to Lightning and Tempest, was surprisingly good.


I mean very good. While it obviously couldn't compete against Dragon Ruler of the time, it could still hold its own competitively today. Fucking Gusto. Not as Tier 1, but it could still make showings. Definitely better than Hermit Youkai.


Gusto got flipped around by just 2 simple cards. Now, those 2 cards were broken in other contexts. But, for Gusto, they were just the right power.


It's like Legacy of a HERO. If you print any sort of generic card that says Draw 3, that's fucking moronic. But if you tag on an archetype restriction and the archetype isn't that good, or that restriction is heavy like Legacy's, then it turns into a balanced card.


Imagine if Lightning and Tempest specified that they needed to interact only with Gusto cards. Suddenly, they're balanced. And this is a perfect chance to rerelease a previously busted card with an extremely similar effect, a changed restriction, and a new name, and you have excellent support.


What if there was a Graceful Charity just for Zombies where you need to pitch 2 Zombies? That's not broken, because the only zombie you can truly splash is Plaguespreader. This is a fair and balanced card, and it's Type specific, and even more difficult to use than a card like Cards of Consonance because it requires 2. But, it's still a powerful card that greatly boosts any deck of that type. It doesn't matter that it's just Graceful Charity for Zombies, because it's good for Zombies, and by extension, good for the game.


Despite the misconceptions, creativity has always been the first and foremost expectation of the player, not of Konami. Konami is to release cards that promote creativity, and police that which demotes it.


Edit 4-

To summarize

A card's power should be judged of its own merits, and the merits of its peers. You can't judge Graceful Charity for Dark World's power, but you can judge Dark World for Graceful Charity's power. This is because DW was designed to coexist with GC, but not vice versa.


Creativity is player responsibility, and Konami's job is to promote it, both with releases and limitations. Regardless of how well they've done this job, this remains the goal.



1100 fucking words and 4 pages in MSWord.


I didn't write this much on any single assignment back when I was in high school for anything, but I write it as off-hand bullshit for a children's card game, that likely nobody will ever even fully read, much less more than once; not to mention, it has no artistic value for anything other than analysis into said game, so it's worthless as a cultural contribution.


This game is draining my soul.


And this isn't even a fraction of as long as my longest post.

#2450824 Forbidden/Limited List: TCG Winter 2016-2017 Prediction

Posted by frenzyhero on 09 December 2016 - 10:37 PM

People over here in the TCG were only so eager to play Pot of Desires after watching its success in the OCG. A lot of the TCG playerbase was hesitant when it was first announced in the OCG.

Obviously we were hesitant but that doesn't matter, because we've always had OCG to judge new cards by. Good cards always see play in TCG.

#2449340 Parasite Paracide and "Nuisance" Cards at Regionals and Higher Events

Posted by frenzyhero on 27 November 2016 - 02:05 PM

Requesting verification from blue. 99% sure answer given was incorrect.

99% sure you never read kde policies




They have never, and will never, ban cards without actually banning them, and any deck that is not banned by the ban list, is legal to play.


If it isn't on the banlist, you can play it, and you can play it in whatever manner you want.


Real life is not Dueling Network. DN bans those decks, not real life. You can play stall and draw decks in real life, they used to steal tops and wins all the time, and they still do. It's why Self-Destruct Button was banned. Konami doesn't like those decks to be successful. But they're still a legal strategy.


As said before, the work around is having a Judge shuffle your Deck.


If a card isn't banned, then it isn't banned.

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