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In Topic: The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

18 November 2016 - 05:25 PM

You should check out the FMCG sector; basically, all branded items that you buy, ever, are controlled by 10 companies. Pepsico, the company that does Pepsi (you might not have guessed) owns quaker oats, walkers crisps and other such items. Doesn't mean much more than that, though.      What is your (racially undertoned) point with pointing out that they are controlled by Jewish people? Your government is now going to transition to a bunch of 60+ year old, Catholic, White men, which should be just as concerning to you if you are worried about Jewish people controlling media companies?


You seem to have skipped over the part where I called out BGMaxie's "conspiracy theories" bullshit posts.




In Topic: The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

18 November 2016 - 12:00 AM

Can you please stop once and for goddamn all with your conspiracies and world control theories that enslave humanity? You're becoming obnoxious, your posts contribute an absolute ZERO to ALL the discussions held. You do not enrich the discussions, you do not broaden the horizons, you do not bring something constructive, much less something to take seriously or that is even worth analysing. All you post is terrible verbiage without any ounce of veracity and buy absolutely everything your "sources" tell you without so as much doing any real research on their authenticity, but oh no "WE" are the ones that buy "biased media" right? Ironically you're the ONLY guy here who is brainwashed from the bottom of their feet up to your tallest hair in buying whatever preposterous fantasy of reptilian socialists circulates the web.   You do not seek to be productive or critical here, all you seek is to fan flames with absurd comments either for gigs or due to absolute ignorance of your part and total refusal in admitting that you're effectively buying SHIT and selling SHIT.   Simply put 99,9% of your posts are toxic waste that comes from the paper that Kim Jong-un wipes his own ass. And it is time you put a serious halt to it. It isn't funny anymore, it is absolutely ridiculous.


Since you think it's all "conspiracy theories"

https://en.wikipedia...ed_by_News_Corp but the media was renamed to 21st Century Fox

https://en.wikipedia...wned_by_Comcast [Formerly NBCUniversal, sold by General Electric





Basically in the 1980's 90% of American Media was owned by 50 companies until in 1996 when Bill Clinton passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996that unregulated the media & allowed them to merge/buy out with one another. Here's a bonus, all those companies are owned by Jews. In the top 20 recipients, Hillary Clinton took 300k+ [250k more than any other politician]. You can see here which media has donated to where. 

In Topic: The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

17 November 2016 - 12:02 AM

Yeah idk what BGMaxie is talking about in this thread, it's just a bunch of shitposting. Like he'd link me to articles then say some absurd shit. I mean huffington post pretty shit especially with polling: 




Wikileaks literally helped saved us to show what is really going on in. There's more to it that the media hides from the country in order to keep people ignorant & stupid. I've talked about the economy, jobs, security, etc but all that got in one ear, out the other. Calling me racist, xenophobic, etc was more of the norms instead of trying to discuss real issues.

In Topic: The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

15 November 2016 - 09:51 PM

So, your vote is actually just torn up and thrown away. And you are happy with that?

Only presidential vote. It sucks but when your state/local politicians start to push liberal agendas then pander to one race group that same group will continue to reign power which is Democrats. I didn't choose all of this I was born into it. One day I won't live in this state though. Ronald Reagan was the last president iirc that turn California Red which was back in the 80's. Maybe one day California will be red but maybe in a decade or so if more people start to wake up & not be in liberal democrat control. I'd rather our election be through electoral college than letting LA/NY/SF decide who our president should be. It was created so that doesn't happen. 

In Topic: The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

14 November 2016 - 06:45 PM

The other day, I heard a comment about this. I cannot explain how this person got to this conclusion, though I can probably figure it out, but she claimed that a vote in Minnesota was worth 4 times the weight of her vote in NY. I think this backlash is as much against this election system as it is against Trump, but that is just speculation on my part. 

Some states hardly change colors as the Washington/Oregon/California are usually Blue [Democrat] bc they're mostly run by them & most states in the mid west [ND/SD/Nebraska/Oklahoma/Texas/Kansas] & states in the south [Alabama, Miss, Tennessee, etc] are usually Red [Republican]. There are states that switch back and forth like the rust belt states [Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina] with the help of Florida usually determine who will be the president. New York is usually Democrat and if the state you live in is mostly one way, then if you vote really doesn't matter much. Like here in California I'm Republican & my state usually votes Democrat [it was Red before I was born for Ronald Reagan] though my vote won't matter much unless we start to shift towards Red more. That's just the way things are. 

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