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#2448058 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 18 November 2016 - 12:00 AM

Can you please stop once and for goddamn all with your conspiracies and world control theories that enslave humanity? You're becoming obnoxious, your posts contribute an absolute ZERO to ALL the discussions held. You do not enrich the discussions, you do not broaden the horizons, you do not bring something constructive, much less something to take seriously or that is even worth analysing. All you post is terrible verbiage without any ounce of veracity and buy absolutely everything your "sources" tell you without so as much doing any real research on their authenticity, but oh no "WE" are the ones that buy "biased media" right? Ironically you're the ONLY guy here who is brainwashed from the bottom of their feet up to your tallest hair in buying whatever preposterous fantasy of reptilian socialists circulates the web.   You do not seek to be productive or critical here, all you seek is to fan flames with absurd comments either for gigs or due to absolute ignorance of your part and total refusal in admitting that you're effectively buying SHIT and selling SHIT.   Simply put 99,9% of your posts are toxic waste that comes from the paper that Kim Jong-un wipes his own ass. And it is time you put a serious halt to it. It isn't funny anymore, it is absolutely ridiculous.


Since you think it's all "conspiracy theories"

https://en.wikipedia...ed_by_News_Corp but the media was renamed to 21st Century Fox

https://en.wikipedia...wned_by_Comcast [Formerly NBCUniversal, sold by General Electric





Basically in the 1980's 90% of American Media was owned by 50 companies until in 1996 when Bill Clinton passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996that unregulated the media & allowed them to merge/buy out with one another. Here's a bonus, all those companies are owned by Jews. In the top 20 recipients, Hillary Clinton took 300k+ [250k more than any other politician]. You can see here which media has donated to where. 

#2447718 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 15 November 2016 - 09:51 PM

So, your vote is actually just torn up and thrown away. And you are happy with that?

Only presidential vote. It sucks but when your state/local politicians start to push liberal agendas then pander to one race group that same group will continue to reign power which is Democrats. I didn't choose all of this I was born into it. One day I won't live in this state though. Ronald Reagan was the last president iirc that turn California Red which was back in the 80's. Maybe one day California will be red but maybe in a decade or so if more people start to wake up & not be in liberal democrat control. I'd rather our election be through electoral college than letting LA/NY/SF decide who our president should be. It was created so that doesn't happen. 

#2447091 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 11 November 2016 - 06:50 AM

Last time I checked, the Democrats had most votes in the election, so the people voted for the candidate they wanted. Was it the best candidate the Democrats could have forward? Perhaps not.    But, and this is the point that the US, but the UK has to learn as well: Trump got elected not by the people, but by the electoral system. The will of the people was marginally in favour of Clinton. The Electoral system has reversed that and put Trump and the Republicans miles and miles ahead.    So, I ask you the question: who has failed the American people here? 


I'm not sure if you're old enough to know/remember but here people haven't been this "upset" on electoral votes since the 2000 election. The whole electoral college was made in the early 1800s. 


What failed the American people? There's a lot I can say on that but simply a lot of people just didn't vote basically, whether it was on the Dem side or Rep side. Something I went over in DG's Politico chat on the DG server was something big. I went over the state of California:


The population is 37,253,956


Males 18+ 13,225,705

Females 18+ 13,179,817

Adding those up is 26,405,522


Now, the tally for voting in CA was:


5,589,936 - D

3,021,095 - R

Adding those up is 8,611,031


So around 18 million people didn't vote. That's big. Even though HRC won the state you can sse that only 1/3 of people actually came out to vote in general. It's the same outcome in other states. It wasn't about "white lash" as Van Jones said or other liberals are saying "white supremacy". Just people simply didn't care. Trump won because of Obamacare destroying the economy, HRC campaign had no game plan but blame trump for this and that, Trump connected with people in rust belt states on a lot of key issues, DNC shot themselves in the foot with automatically chose HRC as their candidate before this all started & threw Bernie under the bus. That pissed off a lot of people then but not as much now. Their candidate wasn't appealing & was under FBI investigation 2x. 



#2445654 Forum Activity Changes & Improvements

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 05 November 2016 - 02:56 AM

As someone who has been here for years & who has stated will happen to the forum if you don't explore/do your jobs: Don't waste your time. The forum is beyond the point of return. Last chance higher staff had was last year when I offered a plan but you know how that goes. Anyways, if you want to try out something and keep it simply small then do it. The forum is going to be gone soon regardless as you know, the dnf chat got shot down because the owner isn't really paying for it anymore. Everything is dead, staff chats dead, staff sections dead, looks like people have checked out except 3-4 mods. The whole setting up & moderating the DNF Chat atm is fucked because there's no oversight.

#2440354 The Post 2016 Presidential Election Discussion

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 11 October 2016 - 06:18 PM

I have lost all my respect for 7hhzz7 when s/he said that Obama is appeasing Muslims and is infiltrating the White House under the Muslim Brotherhood.

I've had people lost respect for me then regain my respect, it's whatever because I speak the truth & won't hold back on it. Obama spent $770 Million dollars to renovate Mosques in "hoping" they stop attacking people. Guess what, they didn't care & now most of the mosques are used for radical preaching. Obama could've used that to help the homeless, starving families, Vets who are dying waiting for VA help & rotting there when they die. Obama has admitted to being muslim. Obama & Clinton have been supplying them & letting them create their own political party while getting them into office. You know of Huma Abedin? She wrote for a magazine that was pro-Sharia Law & has ties to the Muslim Brotherbood. Time & time again we keep telling people Assad & Syrian people are being killed/attacked by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA & Israel by helping ISIS. Yes, you heard right. Why do you think Russia is helping Assad & Syrians?

He's making buzz with conspiracy theories.......

So wikileaks & UN/Congress interviews are conspiracy theories? I guess you don't lurk out much.

#2433077 End of the Line

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 12 September 2016 - 10:46 PM

Thanks for the support & praise CK. I've tried to do the best I can as my time as TO and trying to help in more ways outside of that. There's been times where I couldn't trust a lot of staff with things & that's why I was like that. Sorry for that. Good luck with life & try not to "cross" the line  :rolleyes:

#2430668 Living With Family

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 04 September 2016 - 01:07 AM

If your family isn't all supportive, caring, fun to be around with & doesn't leave the house for some hours so you can mess around with someone then it can suck a lot.

#2428214 Forbidden/Limited List: TCG August 2016

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 24 August 2016 - 06:31 PM


new list: effective Aug 29th







#2427990 Summer 2016 Prediction thread

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 24 August 2016 - 12:28 AM

you can splash in mimimic to anything remotely related to level 3s your point?

The only way to use terror top in a deck and toolbox for both of its perks is to give up your entire normal summon for the turn to summon a speed roid tuner without restriction. otherwise you are restricted to wind monsters that are never worth to bring out in the meta game. The fact you would have to give up your normal summon just to synchro between level 2 and 6 is something most decks do anyway and without restriction.


Comparing Mimic lv3 card to Terrortop is absurd. The fact you can splash in rank 3's in this deck to bring out cards like Invoker, Totem Bird, Granpulse, etc without even using your normal summon is insane.

#2423442 Need help with deck decision for regional

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 09 August 2016 - 12:26 AM

Kinda hard to invest into a deck when the ban list is about 2 weeks away. I'd probs invest in Metalfoes w/ Kirin/Buku.

#2419446 Subterror Discussion

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 27 July 2016 - 12:41 AM

Extra Deck
Side Deck
Sample List

#2416932 Dueling Book Clarification and Discussion/News Thread

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 17 July 2016 - 07:18 PM

I mean if we had another DN like site we'd announced it already and people would be here in masses but is that happening? No. People are just wasting their time in hyping up something that isn't even official nor workable. We don't have anything to hide nor care about "leaks" from a site we aren't behind at all. We just get tired of people asking and demanding a presidential statement on it and if we say we aren't behind it people still won't believe us. That's pretty much it, either people have quit the game and moved on to other games or they moved to other SIMs. I wish DN never went down because it's a lot better than any other SIMs out there but it's something out of our hands.

#2416031 Indefinite Closure of Official Tournaments

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 13 July 2016 - 09:36 PM

The WAs and TOs will be?

They will no longer be required.

#2414430 Future of Dueling Network Forums

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 08 July 2016 - 04:34 PM

Alright this thread is literally going nowhere and the people standing on dluc's side of things don't fully know what they're talking about. This is nowhere near the Shane fiasco and isn't the same shit because of which direction it's taking. One thing to clear out is that the Shane fiasco is that the people [well most] wanted to take out bad staff because they were either getting banned/silenced/threatened and made feel they weren't appreciated/welcomed here. A small few wanted more anarchy and that's about it. With this whole Dan thing [I've had disagreements with Dan in the past but I did it properly and things smoothed out] it's about just attacking him. You guys weren't there when we had to deal with racial slurs, being shunned and basically put on a "kill" list because we were vocal about our opinions for and by the community. In this case it isn't that. What you don't understand is that dluc23 gotten an account from the user pokerkid or pojokid123 idr his exact account names. There was a reason why dluc and he had about the same Skype names and users actually questioned it. The reason he wasn't found out is because the account was fresh and didn't have traces of dluc's old banned account IP/etc on it. There's ways to get around the system. There's more to the dluc situation about that but it's irrelevant. 


What I don't understand is why people who are decent are flocking to the dluc hype train when they don't know how much of a pain he was to work with. Yes, this is coming from me someone who tries to give people chances. When I came back as Head TO the TO team was in hostility to where people were attacking each other and it was no grounds to work together fully. dluc wouldn't want to work with anyone and was alienating himself with others and including myself. People were asking me to just let him go because he was a detriment to the team and staff. I tried to talk to him that we'll try to get things going again and just give it a chance. Throughout the few months he started to become a problem after he said he would try to stop being a lone wolf to where some TOs didn't want to talk in the TO Chat because he'd attack them with others along with being very negative. That's the shit i don't want to deal with and I didn't want people leaving because of that. Around the time of late last year I wanted to bring in people slowly who I thought should be given a chance to TO and if those people did well then that'd open up the doors for others whom even had problems on/with dnf in the past. That didn't go well as dluc with a couple other TOs fucked that up and made things worse to where my word was starting to mean less to Head Admins. He would just stir up things and started to down talk me after I tried to defend him. You guys know I'm really chill and don't want any drama to stir me up but I was not going to keep him around if he was going to keep attacking me and being a detriment to the team. I had him fired and told him he has a shit attitude. He fucked things up for me wanting to transition into retired life. The team would've been kept going and more ideas would've been come true. I gave him another chance after he apologized and wanted to try to become a better member and this is how he repays myself for giving him that chance. This is just the TO side of things, if you think of me I fight for people and want to give people to chance for them to be better and this was an attack on DNF and myself. If you support what dluc did and is doing it's basically an attack on me too so think just that. With this attack he did, he pushed back trust among staff 2 steps back which isn't good.


I will tell you this, the staff post Shane was better attitude wise as there was far less drama and you were able to do more things now. I wanted staff to work together and try to put differences aside. Dan is the Head Admin of the forum with Argor and Skul as the co-Heads with him. There's only so much they can do as they're busy with irl things and will step him if there's a need for a Head Admin. This is where Super Mods come in as they're the ones to keep the forums running and governed. If you want sections up, you'd go to Mods or them. If you want new content, you'd go to Mods or them etcetc. There was a lot of things we couldn't do in the Shane era of DNF as people had their own agendas and people were divided among staff members. I don't know how many times others and myself were threatened to be fired and banned because they had a group of higher ups compared to some of us lower level staff. What I want to tell you is that there was hardly any of this after the Shane Era, there was disagreements which should and shouldn't have happened but you weren't under that threat level on almost a daily basis. Dan has lead the forum in a better place than it was before but he himself could not do this alone. We need everyone to be involved and help. If nobody is will to step up to do things then we can't fully just blame Dan or single him out for every fucking thing. The forums downfall is everyone's fault. Can I blame myself? Maybe, I've tried so many times to help but I can't do it alone. When Bil came along he started to get things going when he shouldn't have to be the one to do it, after a couple of months that died out because again, everyone has to be working towards a goal and that wasn't met. Staff had more of an opportunity to try things out and be more motivated to make a difference than under the Shane Era. After awhile I went back to what people told me that they were held back during Shane Era and now after months from that things were still the same as motivation/content wise. I wondered why and it just comes back as there was more need for motivation to do things as of just sitting on staff for 9 months trying to find motivation to continue while not letting someone else handle your section. If you want to make a difference, then do something about it. I was told I couldn't do this or that while I was TO and guess what I showed them I can and did. As long as you have the hunger, you should be more successful. I've known Dan for over 2 years since Earl brought me over to The Org chat. I've dealt with people who have done some serious shit but nothing of that level is what Dan is being accused of. Remember, he didn't have a Spec Ops where they set up people to be IP banned then the top guys on DN/DNF banned others in the same group chat to cover themselves. That's some serious fucking shit because innocent people got fucked over. You also had them lurking on DN for girls which that's a great representation of the site amirite? There's so much more that went on but that's just a taste. 


I wanted to refrain from this because this whole situation is really stupid and everyone was just making things worse but guess what? I got dragged into the mess and now I'm tired of this shit. For people calling me a kiss ass, you must've forget the time I almost got IP banned because of something that was out of context and I was fighting for the community among with others. People know I'm blunt and will speak my mind, that's always been my motto and I've yet to change from it. For people saying that "hey he could've done more but didn't, he's not a bad guy" well that doesn't make it okay. I told him don't do what I did long ago and just try to work on things without getting extremely. dluc stated he wanted to go out with a bang, this was way more than just "i hate Dan". I have former and current staff telling how toxic he was and also the fact that dluc put up a "you hire X person, I will quit" which was some things I had to deal with during my Head TO position. He did do a lot of work for several months but he had intent to harm the staff before all of this. He did the work to try to find trust and move up to do what he did do. He isn't a hero, he didn't help to pave the way for others, he didn't do anything but for his sole purpose to fuck everyone else over. If you guys don't want to be apart of the community because of X, then that's fine. There's other places. The more you start drama the more you bring in other people and it's unneeded. You guys know how reasonable I try to be and want to give people chances, in the end if you support dluc in doing what he did and said he did nothing wrong then you really need to rethink of others. I've been vocal on staff for a lot but people respect me enough to know that i'm being honest even if I bump heads. Dan brought Chey back when she was fired for no reason, he brought Vettel back when he was helping our casue and he brought me back with others who wanted me back. It's going to be a lot harder to be on staff now with people who have just even a tad bit of history, thanks for that!




Enjoy being center for attention for a month, at the expense of some good people. 

#2390259 Adiós

Posted by 7hhzz7 on 17 May 2016 - 08:01 PM

I'm only making this because I don't like repeating myself to people when they ask why did i retire. I'm retiring because I've been wanting to since December of 2015. I just lost motivation and drive to want to host tournaments. It wasn't fun for me anymore despite me continuing to host even after that. I only did it because people kept asking me when will we get more tournaments, etc. Please be kind to the TO Team and don't say negative things. I know there isn't anyone who can replace me or fill the void but that's the point. There's only 1 of me, there has to be someone else to do things and do it their own way. That's the way the world is, really. There's other things in addition to that which I won't fully go into because it's probably best I don't. Although, this forum as a whole just hasn't been the same for not only me but for other veterans of the site. I can't speak for them but for myself when I say everything is mostly different. I don't feel like I'm apart of the community as I once was because of that. A lot of the people I once talked to or even played with no longer are here or even play the game anymore. I've been here for over 3 years and I've tried to do what I can as a member and as a staff member. I'm not sure If I did enough but I tried. I just don't see the site being full again, even after the launch of DN 2.0 [If we even get that this year]. Now I have been right about mostly everything, hopefully I'm not right on that part. I just want to say thanks to all of people who have joined my tournaments, showed me their support, gave me a chance at things and etc. I'll still be on DN, Skype, Discord, etc but there's just nothing left for me to do on the forums anymore. Hopefully this doesn't get locked.


I'm not doing personal shoutouts but most of these consist of people who either joined my tournament, conversed with, knew me personally, etc:


See you around.

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