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Help Topic: Resolving Log In Issues With Dueling Network

Black Screen:


1. Check Your Flash Player
Dueling Network is flash based, so if you do not have a flash player installed on your computer you will not be able to navigate Dueling Network. If you have a flash player installed and it is still not working, check its software version as it may be outdated.
If you have multiple browsers installed make sure each one has flash player plugin installed on it. If you have a flash player plugin on one it doesn't necessarily mean the others will have it.
Check to see if your flash player is turned on. It may be turned off or not working properly. If it is not working properly, uninstall it, then re-install it.
Adobe Flash:


2. User Device
Certain devices (such as an iPad) cannot view flash, or use third party flash programs that can display Dueling Network incorrectly. Make sure you are using a computer/laptop or device that has a flash player installed.



Black Luster Soldier Only Screen:


1. Soundcard Missing Or Broken
In some instances a faulty soundcard can be to blame. To check if Dueling Network is not loading due to a faulty soundcard try plugging in another form of sound output like headphones or a set of speakers. Once you have plugged in a new sound output try reloading the Dueling Network page.


2. Try the below steps as well



Connecting... Screen:

1. Clear Cache/DNS Cache & Cookies
You are able to clear your cache and cookies from within every browser you have installed on your computer. You can use the following link to locate your browser and follow the instructions to clear these folders of their content:
Sometimes it may also be necessary to clear your DNS cache. To do this requires separate steps to the above.

  • Open up the Command Promt. (Start > Run > "cmd")
  • Type:
ipconfig /flushdns

 and hit enter.


2. Use a Different Browser
If Dueling Network is still not working on the current browser you are using try a different browser.
Popular web browsers you can try:


3. Internet Download Managers
Check if you have installed an internet download manager on your computer. This can sometimes interfere with the correct internet settings for Dueling Network. Uninstalling it will help Dueling Network to load and connect without problems.

4. Blocked by Firewall
In some cases it may be your firewall blocking your connection to the Dueling Network server. Check to see if your firewall is blocking you from reaching our server.

5. Permissions Blocked
On most operating systems you can have multiple user accounts. There are two basic types of accounts: Basic and Administrative. Check to see if you have and are using an administrative account on your computer. If you are on a basic account Dueling Network may be blocked due to permission issues. You can check your user accounts by navigating with the following steps, if you are required to create an administrative user for yourself do so:

  • Go to Control Panel -> User And Accounts -> Create New User.
  • Make sure you give administrator rights to the newly created user
  • Go to the Dueling Network site and the game should work.


Rejected By Server Screen:
This message is shown when the server receives an incorrect password from the client, which might have changed since you last entered it.

  1. Try logging in again.
  2. You may be running an older version of the client after an update was released. Refresh the webpage after clearing your browser cache.


"Already logged into duel server elsewhere!" Error:

This error means exactly what it says: you are logged in elsewhere.

  1. Log out from any other computers or browser windows that are logged into your account and try logging in again.
  2. If that fails you might, for some reason, have a lingering connection on your computer; in that case try restarting your computer.


"Maximum user limit reached!" Error:

This error means that the server is already filled with the maximum number of users it allows. You will be able to get in as soon as another user leaves or is timed out from inactivity, so just keep trying. As demand increases, we will try to supply Dueling Network with a more powerful server that can handle more users at once.


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