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Help Topic: Report Button FAQ

The Report Button

Ever seen questionable content and their isn't a moderator around or you just want to bring a specific post or topic to their attention? This is where the "Report Button" shines. The "Report Button" allows you to "report" posts, topics, personal messages, etc. to a staff member(s). Once that report is sent it will be queued in the "Moderator Control Panel" where it will await the review of a staff member(s). This feature allows members to make the community a better place by helping the staff do their job.

Dueling Network Forums is a pretty robust forum. We have many topics, users and sections. It is extremely hard for every single topic, post, personal message, etc. to be seen by a staff member. As a member you can help us do our job. With way more users than staff members the report button is very useful for us staff. It allows us to see things we did not see before or couldn't see before. This is especially useful because we CANNOT see certain content that I will touch upon later.

The "Report Button" allows users to "play mod". If you see content that breaks a forum rule you may report that content by pressing the report button. Please only use this button for it's intended use.

What is Report Button Abuse?

Abusing the "Report Button": Using the "Report Button" feature of the forum against it's intended use. The intended use of the feature is to report rule breaking content.

Abusing the "Report Button" is not a good idea. You will be punished for this. Please only report questionable or inappropriate content. Just because the report button is there does not mean you should report everything or anything.  If you don't like someone please do not report all their posts/their post(s) and try and get them in trouble, it will most likely backfire on you. Petty complaints and childish bickering is no need to report someone for. Think of the "Dueling Network Ban and Punishment Table" when you are thinking about reporting a post. Simple comments like "noob" and "loser" are not a ban-able offense on "Dueling Network" so they will most likely not be ban-able on the forum as well (in fact they are not ban-able on the forum). This is what I mean by childish bickering. If someone just called you a "noob" just ignore them, do not join in. There is also no need to report that comment.

The "Report Button" is not to be used for "Ban Appeals". I cannot stress this enough. We have a section dedicated to making "Ban Appeals". Please use this section to make your "Ban Appeals". Your appeal will most likely be ignored if it is made with the "Report Button". This is "Report Button" misuse, you are misusing  the button by not using it for it's intended purpose. It's like eating soup with a fork when we clearly have spoons. We have a dedicated section for appeals, so use it. Do not use the "Report Button" for this.

The "Report Button" is also not to be used for getting in touch with the staff. We have a "Personal Messaging System" for a reason, please use this feature to contact a staff member. You cannot see reports, so using this feature to get in touch with an admin is incredibly pointless is needlessly complicated. Now they must PM you with a response, or they may not even do not. At least with PMing them directly you know they have received it.
*Keep in mind, some Staff members inbox's are very busy and they may not have the time to respond to your message because they  have so many other PMs to handle. We try our best.

Using the  "Report Button" to complain about the staff is also abuse. Again, this is not the intended use for this feature. If you have a problem with a staff member please either contact them directly and sort it out (vis PM) or contact a Head Admin. When reporting a staff member or expressing a concern, please have as much proof to your claims as possible. This is very important. In order to have proper case you MUST have proof (solid proof). Do not just say they are bad and call it a day. Take your time, come up with a good argument regarding your concerns and support this argument as best as possible.  The more professionally you write it the more your concern will be taken seriously. This means good grammar and spelling, as well as being calm and composed.
*Note: this also goes for users. Don't use this system to complain about other users.

Asking a question via the "Report Button" is also against it's intended use. We have many support forums you can visit to ask a question. You may also contact a staff member.

In conclusion misusing the  "Report Button" is not a good idea. If you are caught misusing this feature you will receive a "Spam Warning" depending on the severity. Remember to only report questionable content. Do not use it to;
  • Make a Ban Appeal
  • Complain about the staff
  • Get another user you don't like in trouble for something simple
  • Spam/report for no reason
  • Ask a Question
  • Mini-Modding (this will be mentioned next)
Mini-Modding with the "Report Button"

Mini-Moderators: Users not on staff that act as if they are on the staff. They constantly inform members that they are breaking rules, as well as participating in "back seat modding" (the act of telling mods how to do their job and show them what to do). A common trait shown by "Mini-Mods" is a smug sense of " the mods are not doing their jobs, so I will do it for them".

Mini-Modding is against the "Dueling Network Forums Terms of Service".

There are moderators and Administrators in these forums for a reason, this means it is not your job to "mini-moderate" let them do their jobs instead of trying to do it for them.

Please do not "Mini-Mod". This will NOT get you a staff position and will most likely work against you in the long run. Staff members find this irritating and insulting.

In terms of the "Report Buttonmini moderation is quite relevant and common. It is borderline "abuse" of the button. This type of mini moderation is where a member will go around the forum reporting anything they think is mod-able and should be focused on. Sure we appreciate the help from members, but it all has to do with the execution.   If you are reporting 20 topics a day, consistently then something is wrong. Let us do our jobs and help us when you see fit. Please don't "take it upon yourself" to do our job for us. We try our best. I am not telling you to not report stuff, just don't be smug about it. You may also not want to consistently report content.

What should I be reporting?

When reporting content you should be fully aware of the forum rules and regulations. Please take the time to read our "Dueling Network Forums Terms of Service". Become familiar with it and know what is against the rules and what isn't. You may also want to look at the "Dueling Network Ban and Punishment Table". Most of these rules apply here on the forum as well. Keep in mind though the ban lengths are different. A good rule of thumb is; "if it is against the rules on DN it is against the rules on the forum".  Everything you should be reporting is listed in the "Dueling Network Forums Terms of Service".

How do I go about writing my report?

Do this AS PROFESSIONALLY AS POSSIBLE. I put this in caps because it is a very very important matter to keep in mind. You want to come off as professional as possible. Avoid bad grammar and spelling, be kind, and most of all be reasonable. We will take you AND your report more seriously the better it is written. if you come in flailing your arms in a panic that isn't good. It takes attention away from the matter. Make yourself as clear and concise as possible. Think to yourself "Why am I reporting this", "What will reporting this content accomplish?", "What makes this content objectionable?" as well as " Is this breaking a rule?". Explain yourself. Tell use why you are reporting the content, what makes it report worthy and anything else we may need to know (such as a back story or any other info that we may need to put the report into the proper context).

Here is an example of a poorly written report:

This guy sucks!!!!!!! HE ofend me much and spamed, plese band him for me or you bad mod!!!!!!

Here is an example of a well written report:

Hello Staff,
I would like to report the following user ______, for his/her post regarding ____.  The content they posted has become a distraction to the topic and has lead many members to go off topic. Because this post derailed the topic from it's original focal point a flame war between two members (_____ and ____) has begun in the topic. What they posted had nothing to do with the topic and was just said for shock value and to bait users into disagreeing with him/her. This type of behavior can be seen as trolling and made to intentionally start a fight among users. I am requesting a staff member to review the topic and help return it to it's initial focus.


A few things to keep in mind:

There are certain parts of the forum we cannot see. The best example is your personal messages. We CANNOT see your PMs or your inbox. This is why the "Report Button" is such a nice feature. You can report that PM by pressing the "Report Button". Send your report and we will be able to now see the PM (just the post you reported, not the whole convo). So if someone is harassing you via PM, you can report them!

General Questions

If someone is harassing me In Game may I report them on the forum using the report button?

No you may not. Dueling Network and Dueling Network forums are for all intensive purposes "different sites" and are treated as such (all though they are linked). You may be perma-banned on one but not on the other. Just because you are banned on one doesn't mean you will be banned on the other. Let's say you receive a  Spam (Major) ban on Dueling Network, you will NOT be banned for the same offense on the forum. Because of this rule you shouldn't be using the report feature of the forum to report a user for an offense in-game. We have a section for this on the forum (or you may report the user to an admin in-game). "Abuse Reports" is where you should report in games infractions when reporting them on the forum.

Version Information:
  • Version 1.0 - Initial release of FAQ - 26 May 2012
*This article/FAQ was written by VantageSP, Dueling Network Forums Moderator. Please do not claim this to be your own or post on other forums without my permission. This FAQ was written specifically for Dueling Network Forums and is not to be reproduced without my permission. If you have any questions regarding this FAQ or want to use parts of it for your own please contact me via PM on this forum. Do not steal my content.


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