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Help Topic: Ban Appeals and Reporting Abuse

Submitting a Ban Appeal?


This form is for appealing bans you believe to have been incorrectly applied. General guidelines for submitting a Ban Appeal include:

  • Do NOT file a Ban Appeal if you knowingly received a ban for a valid reason. They will be rejected, no questions asked. Examples of these cases include having an illegal Duel note, spamming text consisting solely of capital letters continuously in the public chat, etc.
  • Do NOT flame or bash ANYBODY in the report. That includes any Dueling Network users as well as In-Game Staff and Forum Staff. This behavior will decrease the odds of your appeal being accepted.
  • Submit one appeal for a ban. One is more than enough, and submitting further appeals will result in the closure and removal of those appeals.
  • The moving of your topics is not a punishment. There was a reason why it was moved: either there is either not enough information for a regular admin to be able to resolve it, OR it is because your appeal has been resolved.
  • Be patient. This one we can't stress enough and it also goes back to the submitting of only one appeal. We have seen too many instances of people submitting more Ban Appeals regarding the same ban even though we do not have enough info on it. We will PM you our decision on the ban when it has been resolved.
  • A simple topic title and post in the appeal form will do. Even if the title is just "Ban Appeal" and the information in your appeal "I was banned, but I do not know why" is fine.
  • Do NOT submit appeals for a "friend." If we confirm that you are submitting for a user that is NOT yourself, we will NOT inform you of anything regarding it.


Submitting an Abuse Report?


This form is for reporting abuse that you received, whether it is a result of behavior experienced by regular Dueling Network Users or Dueling Network Staff. General guidelines for submitting an Abuse Report include:

  • Only submit one report. If you find additional evidence, a second report is acceptable.
  • Be patient with staff as they handle your report as some reports may require additional higher level staff support.
  • We will only accept reports that have screenshots taken with the Dueling Network Screenshot Function in the upper-right hand corner of your screen. Failure to provide valid proof will result in the disregarding of your report.
  • Do NOT submit a report with no screenshots and state that you have proof. The burden is on YOU to provide the proof in the report. We will NOT hunt you down for Dueling Network screenshots. Failure to include Dueling Network screenshot will result in the disregarding of your report.
  • Submitting invalid evidence (evidence not taken with the Dueling Network Screenshot Function) will result in the report being disregarded if it is not accompanied by a valid explanation of why you were unable to use the function (i.e. imgur.com is down).
  • Do NOT bash or flame anybody in the report.
  • Do NOT submit an Abuse Report for Cheating, Trolling or AFK related issues, that occurs in unrated. You can simply just leave that unrated Duel with no cost at any time.
  • If you are submitting an Admin-related abuse report, you will need to explain the case in the report AS WELL as provide the screenshots of the scenario you are trying to explain. Remember: if you have no screenshots, then the case did not happen and thus your report would be disregarded.
  • Another general rule of thumb for reports: The more context (that being the screenshots of the scenario) you have of the case, the better the report is.


Credit goes to devilslayer1230, SaveTheDolphins and Zeh for helping in the making of this.

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