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Help Topic: Reputation Points FAQ

The Guide to the Reputation Points System

Ever wondered what the "Like This" button was all about on someone's posts? Or what reputation meant? Throughout the course of this Guide/FAQ I will explain the various aspects of the Rep. System and it's components.

What is "Rep"?
Rep is a trivial points system. It basically shows a users "reputation" on the forum. When a member makes an informative or memorable post a user may want to rep that person up as a sort of thanks or out of respect. This is essentially the basis of the system. A "Thank you" or "I respect you" button. It shows that you liked what they posted and you are awarding them for their post. You could also see it as a sort of "Facebook" like system if you wanted, but better.

Where can I see my Rep and the rep of others?
Rep is primarily displayed on your profile.
When visiting someone's profile this is what you will see. Their reputation will be displayed on that page in a green box with the number of points they have accumulated and the rep rank they are currently at.

How do I rep someone up?
You can up someone's rep by clicking the green "Like This"button on someone's post.
You will see this button on someone's Post area and you can press it to rep them up!
However you cannot rep yourself up! Nothing will show up for you. You will see something like this:
Notice how it lacks the "Like This" button? This is to prevent repping yourself up and cheating the system. You may also only rep a post up once. For example I have rep upped a member by doing this method. Now I may not rep that post up anymore since it has already been repped up by this account (VantageSP). The "Like This" button will be replaced by "Unlike" and an indication that you like the post will be shown. Pressing the "Unlike" button will "unlike" the post and reduce it's rep count by 1 (removing you from the list, if any, of the users who liked the content). This button will then be replaced by the "Like This" button and you may re-like that post/topic.
Others would see this as your username likes this.
This is an example of two users liking one post. It will show which users liked the post.
By clicking the "Like This" button your name will be added to the list! 
If an abundance of people like the same post the list shortens to show the most recent users to like the post. The rest get put into a group called "others". For example "user1, user 2, and 2 others like this". The rest of the users are placed in this group indication to save space. By clicking on "x others" you can see all these users!
You are only allowed a certain amount of rep ups a day. The max limit on rep is 3 a day (24 hours). If you try and rep up more people you will receive this message:

Abusing the system (making an alt to rep yourself up) with result in various consequences, so be careful in that regard.
For more information Rep Abuse please feel free to visit this topic made by @Ultimate lol.
What Criteria must be met to have your Post/Topic be deemed "Popular"?
For your topic to become deemed "Popular" it must have a total of 10 likes or more. When your topic becomes becomes popular a Star is placed at the top of the post to indicate that the Post/Topic is popular!
What are the Reputation Phrases and what number of rep do I need to reach them?
You will notice that each range of rep has its own unique "phrase" For example if you have between 500 and 999 rep you will have the "Unstoppable" phrase under your rep. This phrase is shown in your profile under your reputation points in the green box.
  • 0 - Newbie
  • 10 - Beginner
  • 20 - Regular
  • 50 - Experienced
  • 100 - Famous
  • 200 - Legendary
  • 500 - Unstoppable
  • 1000 - Deity
Are there any awards for getting rep?
As of right now we have 7 awards based on rep points; 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 20 likes in 1 post, and 10 popular topics. Once you reach these totals you may request the award from an staff member and they will award you that award.
Where can I get these Awards:
To get an award approved either request one here:
Forum Award Approval Thread

For any questions in regards to awards and whether or not you are eligable contact a Super Moderator or an Administrator (not an in-game one). @Ultimate lol is generally the staff member to speak to about award eligibility and concerns as he as taken it upon himself to handle awards.

What should I rep up?
You should only rep someone up if it has meaning, do not rep someone up for no reason. Rep them up if they deserve it. They made a good point and/or provide helpful info. Do not support hateful or rule breaking content however. Like don't rep someone  up for flaming another user. This is not a good practice. If you deem a post well done, rep them up they deserved it for putting so much thought and effort into the post.

Version Information:
  • Version 1.5 - Added New Rep Awards, changed all references to "green up arrow" to "Like This" button, Changed title text to red underlined,added more content (popular star for example).  and added new images - 3/14/2014
  • Version 1.0 - Initial release of FAQ - 23 June 2012
*This article/FAQ was written by VantageSP, Dueling Network Forums Administrator. Please do not claim this to be your own or post on other forums without my permission. This FAQ was written specifically for Dueling Network Forums and is not to be reproduced without my permission. If you have any questions regarding this FAQ or want to use parts of it for your own please contact me via PM on this forum. Do not steal my content.

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