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Help Topic: Account Security

(Written by The Detonator.)


Hacking is an issue that doesn't have to be dealt with if you engage in the proper amount of security within your account in Dueling Network and Dueling Network Forums. Here are some tips that will prevent a hacker from entering your account if followed correctly.

Use different passwords in different websites
This may seem a bit inconvenient, but one way hackers get into your account is by using a phishing technique that allows them to see the passwords you put down in their fake but cleverly created versions of popular websites. Although Dueling Network and Dueling Network Forums are secure we cannot guarantee this for other websites where a phishing technique may be in place. By using a different password in different websites you are securing your accounts in the sites that are not trying to phish your password.

Use strong passwords
A strong password is also the key to avoiding other phishing techniques. A strong password should contain a combination of numbers, letters, and capital letters. It should look something like this:

Always check the URL and where you are logging into
The most common technique hackers use is a technique that can forward a "Log in" button in to a site or malicious link that looks identical to the Log-in page of the site in question. When accessing Dueling Network Forums, ensure that the beginning of the URL starts with http://forum.duelingnetwork.com or simply forum.duelingnetwork.com


Do not share any passwords with anyone
Not even your friends. This should be common sense, but for the sake of protocol I must post this. Do not trust anyone you don't know on a more personal level (as in real life) with your passwords. Some people are malicious in nature and will go as far as befriending you to earn your trust so they can stab you in the back. Do NOT share your passwords.

Do not trust people pretending to be staff
Staff will never ever ask you for your password. Administrators have the power to change anyone's passwords at any given time and we can take a look at your activity, whatever it is, without even having your password. So if there is a need for an account to be inspected it will be done, rest assured, it is very unlikely that we will take such action anyway. If anyone pretending to be someone from the Dueling Network staff asks you for a password simply say no, and contact an administrator immediately with the details or user account from which the request was made.

Do not download unrecognized programs or email attachments
Quite simply, be careful what you download. When you receive an email, do not download any attachments unless it is from a trusted source. Key logger's can be maliciously injected into files that may seem legit. Make sure you have an email system that uses a spyware and malware scanner before downloading files. Also be sure you have malware and spyware scanner installed on your computer. Such programs will make sure that what you are downloading is safe before it is actually downloaded to your computer.

Do not panic!
The administrator accounts on Dueling Network Forums are all very secure and it will take an actual hacker with extensive knowledge to get into them, not some twelve year old that learned phishing techniques off of Google.
If anyone threatens to delete your account, this forum, and other things please ignore them as these are all false threats in order to fear monger. As long as you follow the above tips you this forum and Dueling Network will continue to be safe.

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